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wpweb supports this item


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Thank you :)

is compatible with woocommerce?

Yes, ofcource.

Is there a way that all current users of my blog automatically subscribe to all categories of my blog ?

No, sorry. that need custom work.

Ohk , Can you please guide which file is sending emails ?

please create support ticket and I am happy to help you via that.

Does this use the wp_mail function to send emails?

Yes, wp_mail.

I have a pre-sale question for this add on + Follow My Blog Post….

Would it be possible for a user to select when they receive the email? So, they want to receive it on a Wednesday (and I could pick the time), for instance.

If not, is it possible to schedule based on a category?? So I could categorize a user as ‘Wednesday’ and then send a digest email to that category automatically on Wednesday?

as of now plugin have these 4 options : hourly, daily, twice daily or weekly

we can add more options as custom work if needed.

How does it send emails? phpmailer, SMTP? can we use Amazon SES?

We used WP email functions.

Can you add tasg like {player id} and replace them on the the page ur sending the email from ???.

sorry I dont understand you question. what you want us to replace as player id?

Does the plugin allow following of custom post types?

Yes it allows.

I would like to allow users choose the 4 options at front end to receive emails. Please add this feature to next version


Can you please explain in details for what you need.

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I mean user can choose to receive email hourly, daily or weekly


This features require many changes in plugin. As of now admin can do this for all users from backend. If you really want this feature then we can help you as custom work

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