Discussion on Scenic 3D Photo Parallax WordPress Plugin v1.8

Discussion on Scenic 3D Photo Parallax WordPress Plugin v1.8

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hi, will this work, if I have more then one row.. so lets say 6 rows, 6different images? also can I put text over it? or need to be a image layer?

Hello! Yes, you can create multiple slides with multiple layers. Yes, you can put any HTML as a layer, including text or whatever. Thank you.

Just to let you know, demo is down

Thank you very much! We have fixed this issue.

Hello… demo still down.

Thank you for letting us know. That was a new issue with demo. And it was also fixed.

Hello is it possible to have the zoom in animation … on page load … and then scroll ? because you have like 3 plugins .. but none of them does both at the same time :(

Unfortunately, it is not possible to handle scrolling and slideshow animation simultaneously in these plugins.

is it possible to have only 1 slide … on the other plugin that zooms in and out… in a loop without the need ot a second slide ?

No, slideshow should contain at least 2 slides. You can make the second slide similar as the first one.

Can I use this plugin on more than one website?


Unfortunately this is not allowed by the envato licence to use one copy in multiple end products. Here are some details:

Thank you.

You could offer it on Envato Elements… then, magically, it would suddenly be allowed (; Cheers

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider publishing our plugins to Elements in future.

I have a problem Scenic add a duplacate of “” before the http:/// so no link to my pictures in wordpress. Do you have a solution?

I copy for you the code generated by Scenic in my page:

Or a way to find photos by name?

It’s was still difficult to understand the specific problem, so we’re glad that you have found a solution.

If you want to migrate your website to another domain, maybe you can just make all paths relative by removing prefix (e.g. ‘http://localhost:8888') from each image url. So it will become like: ‘wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1.png’.

We will consider adding searh to the list of photos in future version. Thanks for the feature request.

Glad to hear your answer! A BIG BIG THANKS for your precious work!

Hello, I just purchased your product and I’m excited to put it to use! I already created an image but for some reason, nothing is displaying on my site using the shortcode. Also, I can not open the project file now that I have left the page… it shows in the main plugin window next to the Example project file but nothing happens when I click on it. Please advise. Thanks!


We have retested the plugin, and it works correctly with the latest wordpress version. Maybe some other plugins influence the behavior. You can send us a direct request with more information to, or you also can provide us (via email) an access to your panel so that we could check and resolve it ourselves.

Thank you.

Hi is there any way to apply alt tags for the images as the SEO audits flag the images used in scenic


The only option here is to change your image layers to HTML layers and paste there something like this:

<img src=”...url copied from your wp image…” alt=”your alt text”/>

Ok thank you, will try that. Might be a good idea to allow for it in newer versions. thanks

Hi! I’ve been fiddling with this a bit, quite happy with the results but I do have two issues I could use some help with.

The URL where you can check out my usage is private, I will email it to you in a moment.

1st – On mobile (this is important has I use a different parallax for mobile and desktop) the parallax appears in one position (vertically) on load, but if I scroll down and up again it ends up in a slightly different position. This doesn’t happen on Desktop.

2nd – On mobile also, there’s a slight bump a little after scrolling, as if some resetting occurred, it’s nothing major but I’m wondering if it’s due to some mistake of mine while setting up the parallax.

Thanks so much for your help, this component allowed me to save some time!


We will answer you on the email you sent.

hello, i wonder if i can use one (portrait image) with its depth map info included like facebook for example instead of more than one image with every one representing a lyar … would it work some how?

Unfortunately, we don’t support this functionality. In our plugin you should manually prepare image layers.

does it work well with elementor? cuse its not working with me , only wordpress editor

Hello! Yes, it should work. Simply copy a shortcode from the slider and paste it to elementor. Some more details about shortcodes in elementor:

Hi, I have an issue with Scenic plugin, when I upload my PNGs in wordpress Scenic, it applies a thin white line of pixels all around my content. Is there anything to do to fix this? Thanks! Ben


This can happen if you have some specific css applied to all images in the website. This can be caused by some other plugin. Can you send us a link to your website to And we will try to determine the reason. Thank you.

If anyone will encounter this problem, the reason was that wrong PNG files were used in slideshow. To enable semi-transparency at the borders use PNG24 instead of PNG8.

hello i purchaed the plugin for wordpress it is not working install failed i dont know whats wronge could you help me plz thank you


We have just retested it with version 5.4.2. of WP and it works. We need more information on how do you install it. Do you follow this instruction?

my fault, instailation sucsessful, havent tried it yet but iam exited to do so … thank you so much..great work really

Great! Thank you.

Hello, does your wordpress plugin work with elementor (pro)? Thanks

Yes, it should work without problems. Just use ‘shortcode’ element to embed plugin into the page. Thank you.

Thanks for your quick reply!!!

Hi ! I’m interested to buy this plugin but I want to say if it possible to embed my personal 3D Photo (deapth map) or it’s just your library ? Thank you for your answer.

We do not support Depth map, in our case you should manually crop all layers of the image. So it seems that our plugin will not suit your needs, if you want it to create 3D automatically.

I understand, thank you very much, your plugin is such a great idea, good luck with sales, may I buy your plugin in the future if I don’t find what I am looking for.

Thank you!

Hi, I just bought it. great plugin! How can I use Html in your constructor? I haven’t any clue. Thank you

If you want to replace shortcode with a generated markup, you can look the rendered shortcode in your browser and copy its markup. And then use it directly.

OK, thank you, I think I don’t have more question. It is a very good plugin, I like it!

Thank you very much!


In the editor (run after saving) , the images looks sharp. On front end, after the page is published, the images seems a little blurry. How can I have the same look of sharp images? Sould I need to export them on higher resolution? Atfer your example I use 1200×600px. Thank you!


Actually it uses images from a wp library with their default URLs and original sizes. Yes, you can prepare the images to be in a proper resolution before uploading. Or you can also upload images to some storage (like Amazon S3) and paste their direct URLs in the Scenic plugin.

Thank you.

Hi, Can you tell me please if you sold so far this plugin to other WP developers …and it is implemented (part) from any other theme here on themeforest?



Unfortunately, we can’t say exactly, because we do not have such information about the buyers of our plugin. And we also haven’t investigated Themeforest to find whether it is used in any Theme.

Thank you.

Hi there

Is this product supposed to work on smartphones?

The parallax slider I know works on mobile devices but while testing the demo of this plugin here I noticed scrolling the page would not make the layers move.


Actually it should work if smartphone is not too old and support css transitions. Which one do you use?

I tested it with my iPhone SE.

We have tested right now on iPhone SE. And it works ok. Are you opening via Safari iOS?

Hi there,

Does the plugin has offset support for the on scroll event?

Does the plugin support other events, like hover, click or page load, aside from supporting on scroll?

If not, would you consider an update covering supporting offset for scroll, and the addition of other events like hover, click or page load?



A fade transition would come in handy to get me the effect I need.

Anyway both plugins are amazingly built and I don’t think it would be much of a problem to live with these minor issues.

Buying it anyway. :-D

Thank you!

And the fade transition is already in place… let me see what I can come up with after testing it.

Great work, really!

does it support WordPress 5.0.3 ?


Yes, it is.

This looks great

Thank you!


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