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Which language? Is it easy to replace graphics?

Its made with Cocos2D-X, and graphic is easy to replace. You will have PSD file of all atlases file for easier reskin process.

You need to say this is built with BuildBox! I’m not interested in code like this, others may be, but you need to state that somewhere, Buildbox project like this are imposable to extend and modify.

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Please send us your request threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

We will assist you in explaining the code.

Is this made with BuildBox ? If so is the bb file included?

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1. Yes it made by BuildBox.
2. No, we not giving bb file of game.

can you add admob banner and chartboost interstitial in the game??

It already have AdMob Banner and Chartboost Interstitial Ad Integrated.

okyy but AdMob Banner it’s not work

Please send us screenshot of code with your AdMob ID.

Hi there – couple of questions: 1. Can I build direct from xcode without needing buildbox? 2. Are all the graphics already included in the download – so when I purchase and license their use I can just use?

Question 2 above – to clarify, I will purchase the graphics (from the link you have provided) but want to make sure they are already contained within your download!

Hi there,
1. Yes you can build it direct in Xcode
2.Graphic is included in PNG and PSD file for easier reskin. If you want to publish game as it is you will ned to purchase graphic from link provided.

AdMob Works fine for me

I purchased graphics from link, however the app got rejected because it looks to much like yours, I tried to change the images but it’s a mess, it’s to dependent on exact locations in the atlas any ideas?

When you say use PSD files to reskin, not sure what your saying? Looks like all the images are pulled for the atlas using a texture packer utility so things don’t line up unless the placement is exact, which is imposable, it there a way to regenerate the atlas_ID101.plist so the new images line up?

When you making changes in PSD file, all change need to be saved in source code under atlases folder where is original atlas image, to be visible in code.
You will need to change image in atlas.png not in atlas.plist.

Hi, Can you help me to remove iAP in app purchase?


I have send.

Hi we have not recieved your email. Can you send it again.

My message has sent

We really do not now why your mail is not coming to us. Most of our customers sending us request same way and we always receive their mails.
Please try to send us your request threw our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/1dulisa/ messaging us directly.

thanks. sir

You welcome.

thanks again for great support.

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Can you change the music? The app in the app store doesn’t have a shooting sound. Can you add that?

We will add shutting sound to the game. As now is still weekend here, we will add it as soon as we get back to office.

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We can change it for you send us message through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 with your request.

Hi, Thanks a lot for the game, and I want to remove the applovin interstitial from the source code , and replace it with admob , I sent a request under Email Dulisa1 thanks a lot again

Just check email, where is frequency interval. On main menu is every time, game over is every fourth time, interstitial ads.


Thank you for nice words about us. Really appreciate.

how to install and use cocos2d-x

you have video for Reskin character,bg and zombie?

ok,i see

HI again,
We do not have video but we will make one and post it here.

Please give us some time to make video.

Hi for the heyzap id that i need to put to source code , which one should i use so that i get paid the Publisher ID or API Key or something else ?

You will need to add Publisher ID.


ibrr1 Purchased

Hello, Can I Add AdMob Interstitials ads instead of charboost? Also, how can I show the ads more frequent like after each dead and not every 4? I cant’s see ‘see video = 100 coins’ button in the game, where is it?

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ibrr1 Purchased

only admob banner ads are shown for me the other are not showing!! and where the user should see Reward Video Ad? !!

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ibrr1 Purchased

hello, I’m still having an issue with Chartboost ads, Chartboost ads are not showing at all. can you please replace them with AdMob ads or at least fix them. Thanks

Sorry for late reply.
Did you create campaign n your Chartboost Dashboard for your App?
Please have look at Chartboost Documentation how to create Campaign for your App.

You ca also change Chartboost SDK in code. Download latest SDK from Chartboost and first delete old one in iOS/libs/ads/PTAdChartbost/sdk and copy and paste new one in same folder.


ibrr1 Purchased

it’s working now, I missed doing the campaign. Thanks a lot for your great support.

You welcome.

Did u update the code for iOS 11 and xcode 9 ? and did you integrate admob in the game ?

Game is ready for IOS 11 and Xcode 9
Inside game are AdMob, Chartboost and Applovin Ads, to update them just delete SDK’s and copy and paste latest SDK’s in same folder in source code.