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levels? app purchase?

Hi there,
This is endless game with 3 different worlds.
Each world have 45 scenes which coming randomly to your screen.
IAP all be in upcoming updates

i want just free not inp and what means HeyZap Reward Video

HeyZap Reward Video, it say everything, user watch Video Ad to get extra coins in game. Please refer to

it’s a buildbox project right ?

Hi @theyns
Yes its BuildBox Project exported to Android source code.
Its made with BuildBox 2.0

Is this made in Eclipse or Android Studio?

Hi game is for Eclipse Engine, but with some knowledge you can import in Android Studio.

Is there guide included ?

Hi there,
With every source code we provide details description of changes need to be done in code.

I need a BuildBox license to edit / publish this game?

Hi there,
You do not need license to edit and publish, as game is already exported for Android.

Ok, thanks for reply, and if I want to make more levels, what I need?

if you buy Extended License we will provide source code with BuilbBox2 file. You will need to have license for BuildBox 2 and inside you can make extra levels.

Thank you #creativerush

Are the level editable ?

Hi there,
If you now Cocos2D-X you will able to change or edit levels.

Game is made with BuildBox2, and with Extended License we delivering .bbdoc file for easier edit of whole game.

were i can change the images of game?

Hi wolfoxpro
Places send us request from our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.
Thank you.

Already replied.

Good luck with sales. Thanks,

Thank you.

hello this code import in Android Studio ?

Hi there,
You will need Eclipse Engine.

Hi, nice game, how i can get buildbox project?

Hi there,
With Extended License we will provide .bbdoc file.
Just send us message threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 after purchase and we will deliver .bbdoc file.

You will need to have BB2 for be able to work with .bbdoc file.

You should remake how the player jump. When pressing jump button, while player landing (not touch ground yet) player won’t jump. Also, increase gravity is good because jump is so slow

Hi ninofrenn
Thank you for your suggestion.

Character jumping only from platform, this is not flappy style of game for jumping.
Jump settings can be easily modified in game.

Do when you buy get bbdoc file for the game

Hi there,
With Extended License you will receive .bbdoc file, just send us message threw our Profile Page under Email Dulsa1.

the graphics are not included?

Thank you.

Does not work with android studio does not open

Please contact us through our Profile Page Under Email Dulisa1.

purchased it about a month ago then google send me a warning… any update for libpng? Your app is using a version of libpng containing a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability. thanks

HI there,
We working on it to fix it. As soon as we fix it we will update codes and you will receive notification from CodeCanyon about update of it.
It will be fixed before deadline that Google has give.

should i install the last eclipse version to reskin??do u have eclipse mars with adt bundle link download??

We using Eclipse Juno, but any Eclipse will be fine with code.

i had problem when i launch the game in eclipse it Freeze and Shutdown !!

Try game on real device not on Eclipse Simulator.

icant the same happened when i try to export APK

Please contact us through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1, sending us your Source code together with .apk file for check.
also with brief explanation what did you do in source ode to cause this error.