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This version have IAP remove ads + Reward Video Ad or not?

Hi @Orachorn,
Game it have Reward Video Ad for additional coins in game,which you can use for purchasing InGame PowerUps.
Also have IAP for Remove Ads From Game.

Hi AdMob? Xcode? and supporting 9.3?

HI @oyamert,
AdMob is already integrated just entry your ID and it’s ready.
For IOS 9.3 we still did not check, but it should not be any issues working on it.
Source code is ready to be imported in Xcode, we was using Xcode 7.1.2 IOS 9.2.

Can change the graphic by other photo?

HI you will need to change all image in game to avoid duplicate on App Store, and issue with rejection.

hi dulisa1, the app looks horrible on an ipad. the hero is sometimes outside the frame. the powerup-buttons are overlayed (magnet and sneaker). and on both versions (iphone and ipad) is the share-button not working. This is urgent: can you please fix this?

We have fixed and already updated code. Waiting for Review Team to Approve our update.

Wow, that was fast … thanks a lot!

You welcome. Please try it and let is know if everything is fixed with buttons.

Can you pls explain how is this listing different from your other game that is version 1 of Scary Poo World?

In this version of game you have 3 different world settings for gameplay.
In first version of game there is only one gameplay.

oh! then i should have purchased this one. I purchased the version 1 today only and then later I saw this version 2 :(

Sorry to misunderstanding.

Did u update the code for iOS 11 and xcode 9 ?

Game is ready for IOS 11 and Xcode 9
Inside game are AdMob, Chartboost and Applovin Ads, to update them just delete SDK’s and copy and paste latest SDK’s in same folder in source code.