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Good luck with sales

thanks (y)

Please demo apk

Hi, i will update the main page with demo APK in a few minutes

build with buildbox ! i want to know if it’is licensed version or cracked one

Why this question? not “illegal” of course :)

good luck with sales


can you help me intergrated Mopub+Revmob ?

Yes of course, you want to replace AdMob and Charboost with Mopub and Revmob?

very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you for your support (y)

Hi , Admob ads doesn’t work :( could you please send mefull instruction because I’ve put admob code and ads doesn’t appear

after 3 game over ?!!!!! no

Yes but it was Chartboost, i sent you a new project with AdMob, please check your emails

Great !! (y)

Thank you for everything best app

You welcome bro

i want to use same skins for this game. Which licience must i choose?

Regular license, but I advise you to change a minimum because Google Play may not accept the game as it exists on the Store

How can I edit the animated cartoon? Also how do you change the skins? I m new to this app business and I have been contemplating about buying this, I love it! But I need to know what to do before buying it, I do not want to buy, get confused and give up. Thank you

Hi there, You have to change Atlas files included in the project. You can follow the documentation step by step. It is easy to reskin Regards

Cool and awesome :)

thanks :)