Discussion on ScanQR - Android QR Scanner & Generator + Admob - Scan & Generate Tons of QR/Barcodes

Discussion on ScanQR - Android QR Scanner & Generator + Admob - Scan & Generate Tons of QR/Barcodes

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mznkrg Purchased

I want to remove Ads from my apps, including SDK. how to do that

Contact us at Whatsapp +923113540453

Please update the code to comply with gdpt

and sdk33???

Will be updated soon.

do u have Any update plan??? Want to buy but no update since February.

Hello sir, yes of course, we bring new updates for every item we have on this page. You can buy it and we will be helping you in case you needed our support.

Demo apk not work.. could you please send me a demo apk link..

Please update Gradle Version and Admob SDK version..

Sure, sir. We will update the source code very soon.

Hi author, can I allow scanning only from a particular domain. For example. I just want to allow users of this app to scan my website page urls only. No other domains or url. Is there any to do this?. Thank you

Hello, sir. Yes, it’s possibe. Kindly contact us at our WhatsApp +923113540453 or at our email address

Is there any customization required?

Yes, sir. We will help you customize the code.


mznkrg Purchased

Last Update is 29 December 2021. Any plan to update this apps? we’re waiting soon. thanks

Hi, kindly download the latest code we have published. It is API 33.


mznkrg Purchased

thank you. will download and check

We are glad to help you. Good luck!!

Do you have plans to upgrade this??

Hi there, what feature do you want to be upgraded, sir?

Sdk 33

Got it, sir. Let us work on it. We will update it soon.

there is some problems with the app can you help me solve it??

Hello, sir. Yes, sure. Feel free to send us an email at

i send you more than once and no one answer me .. i will ask for my mony back

We have responded, sir.

Please Add Applovin as default ads Network

Please contact us at

Yes, of course, we are always available to integrate Applovin ads as well as other ads based on your choice. Please feel free to contact us at our official email:

I purchased the product, but it’s missing the settings screen, how do I get the installation feature in the package I bought?

Responded on the mail.

Please check and resend the email. I did not find any response in your email.

Resent it.

App is not getting installed on Latest Android phone. Also if you install from play store then it keep crashing (play store link above in comment).

Tested on Google Pixel 6 and Redmi Note 10s.

Hello, sir. Please contact us via email. We’ll solve your issue.

Hello I got this project yesterday and the Demo APK is different from the purchased APK. Especially the screen for opening and managing the camera.

I also didn’t find the technical documentation of the APP.

Would you help me?

Hello, sir. The app may be different from the screenshots. The previous version has a very huge issue, so we had to update it. The updated version is full and final, working perfectly fine. And please let us know how can we help you. You can send us an email :

Documentation is not correct, the pictures which are included in documentation is not matching with ScanQR App, What we do now

Those pictures are just for the instructions, sir. The application used in the pictures can be different.

is there any exact documentation or video documentation ?

Respected sir, we can create you exact documentation but there will be naming changes only. Nothing will be different than app name. We can help you out if you need any. Let us know via email :

Play store Rejected My app for those.

Have you fixed in below problems?

Reply Me, solve or not solved.

All Files Access Permission: Need to use Media Store API.

All Files Access Permission: Not a core feature.

We have submitted an update, sir. Please try to release the update aab from the latest source code.

Please check your email. I could not solve problems. Help bro.

We have updated the item, sir. It does not have any bugs now!

Support 31 target sdk?

Yes, sir, it is.

Excellent app, today my app is live on Google play store

Thanks for letting us know here, sir.

Update your app put it clean code. It’s bug disturbing, check your email.

Please send us an email regarding the bugs you are facing. We will be glad to help you out.

I have mailed but you not respond after asked buy purchase licensed code

Please send the email again or drop your email here so that we can send you.

I am happy, so happy. Finally i do it. The owner solve my problem remotely. Today i will upload it on Google play store

Hello, I sent you a message to the mail to help me upgrade to SDK 30 since the app does not work in SDK 30

The item has been updated, sir. It is SDK 31 now!

Sir, If you are not able to receive my email, please sent me update code on If you receive my mail today please any reply sir Thank you sir


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