Discussion on Scanner App - Ticket Sales and Event Booking Management System

Discussion on Scanner App - Ticket Sales and Event Booking Management System

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may i know are your app only support android? can do appstore app?

App is built with Ionic Cross-platform Framework, both Android & iOS build can be made with a single codebase.

PRESALE: Is this still working ? also can you make a APK build from your end if I purchase both main Laravel script and IONIC addon ?

no we do not provide installation service for free. it takes time and resource

you can contact for paid installation inquiry

Ok thanks. But when I tried DEMO I can not create new Tickets and I could not find any active event to test

✅ Events & Ticket Dates extended. You can test now,

The documentation is completely incorrect, contains no guides or templates for setting up the database. Complete waste of time and money, was looking forward to using this for a client and not have to code my own but will be faster to do it rather than fix the code and figure out all the endpoints needed.

Will be seeking a full refund.

I am only asking because I DO understand and know that there are many such items on the site. However you have failed to make it clearly known. Even in the documentation for the main product you do not say you can purchase the addons, just how to connect it. Thats where I read what to change and what files. And it says server or admin, and as you have said you called it having to purchase admin, and I thought ok, I want to use server, not admin.

But you do have to understand that you are not clear, and thats ok, its great coding, and if I needed the whole thing I would get it, but it looked like and read as a app, not a addon app.

I am not going to continue on here as i do not want this to affect your product, I just think it could be handled and worded way better. You have my email if you wish to talk further.

Thankyou for explaining

No we do not have your email as envato doesn’t provide

Its fine

Thankyou sir

”@ionic-native/status-bar” has missing dependencies: – @ionic-native/core got this from app

please contact after purchasing

i have changed base url logo icon but i am not able to create build i need APK for android let me know how to generate this.

Contact support at +91 9723600130

the included documentation is wrong file please reupload the documentation


Please remove above comment and send on email

FOR DEMO and 123456 is not valid to login

send your license details at our team will do check

Pre-sale Question: It seems like the scanner app is not in the drive. I would like to purchase but I need to test your demos first. Hope you see this comment. Thank you.

we have uploaded it. please check

Can I have the scanner app link demo please

its provided on sales page.

it appears that time and date on Event Details page is 5hrs late from the time set by organizer. pls don’t ask me to contact support has you never solved any of my issues

No worries then we will check but its not possible to update here for each step so easy way is to contact support

It may take 48 to 72 hours to respond due to high number of tickets

The scanner app is not in the drive!!

we will do check sir

Hi, is the scanner app available yet to preview?

We are interested in the complete solution, our question is what we would need to adapt the different apps and customize them. Do we need to acquire development software licenses or frameworks apart from the source code?

you can buy complete package of all 4 products in eventright series

and then you need to buy license for it. if you are running saas then extended license is requested

after purchase you can generate build

the 4 products in extended license for a full operative app? and apart from the licenses, what extra costs would be involved to generate the development and hosting of a fully functional app, both for the organizer and for the users of the events? Do you offer the turnkey service of the app?

We are selling source code. yes 4 Products extended license.

for other cost and additional services contact on whatsapp at +91 9723600218

Hello, there is no scanner apk in the drive file that is shared

will do check

please what command can we use install dependencies and run the app. it’s not showing on the documentations. check the screenshot here

Create ticket at Our team is on vacation and check after 9th nov

Okay done. ticket #DK-3214528

team is checking it

Hello, has the User App been released on CodeCanyon yet?

Yes sir

Please check our portfolio

How to change the change in French?


Please contact support

Hi I contacted support by creating the ticket since last Wednesday, so far no reaction

Support team said they are checking your ticket and revert as they fix

Hi the scanner does not display any message if the ticket is already scanned or if the ticket is not valid?


Please contact support

Hi I contacted support by creating the ticket since last Wednesday, so far no reaction

Support team said they are checking your ticket and revert as they fix

Can I sync my ticketing system with your app? I want to be able to scan the tickets I sell online on my site.

You can customise

so it is fully customizable? thats good!

please i cant find documentation in files

Documentation files are on amain product sir

please i didnt find them. the only documentation i saw is for the web not the mobile app


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