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Looks great. Will it be available in a non-WP version?

Good idea, maybe…

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)

Danke :-)

Hope so ;-)

Great work! :-)


Hi, I like the investment calc but the this plugin definitely needs a front end developer. Do you plan to update the style of the form within a month ? You can see an example of nicely formatted form and nice pop-ups of a calculator: http://demo.sh-themes.com/shmac/

Hi Olaf,

I encountered a performance isssue. I don’t use the facebook share option in Scalc. Unfortunately the plugin runs the connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js all the time eventhough I leave the facebook app id blank.

This is serious speed issue. You can see that even on your website. tools.pingdom.com/#!/bFMkq7/http://wordpress.skurrilewelt.de/scalc-calculators-wordpress/

How can I disable it ? Just deleting the file scalc_frontend.js seems to be not the best option.

But you can empty this file or just delete the code block starting with setTimeout. Then the facebook api won’t load. The facebook api is poor,l but the only way to integrate the sharing funcionality.


Can a calculator be done like this page below with your plugin ?


I am on a site for a Electric Co and would need this asap, lemme know if this is possible so that I can purchase it asap,


No, sorry. The calculators can only used in the way they are. But you could use the custom chart maybe if you create a hidden table and assign this dynamically to a custom chart. See http://wordpress.skurrilewelt.de/custom-charts-examples/ for more information

Looks interesting!