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when it will be updated?

You have sitemap?

what you mean about update?

Suggestion that will give you alot more sales, add support to add more pages like privacy etc. So that we can adsense to the website, right now there is zero incentive to run the script. Site map is also needed, that is a very basic thing to add. In addition add support for adsense so that ads can be places easy without having to code. Do these things and i will promise you will see alot more sales. Other then that its a pretty good script, keep up the great work .

Do you have any plan to update for mobile layout? It doesn’t look good in mobile. iPhone6 safari, Samsung galaxy s7 …etc

Mobile version and user login soon in new updates

Also any plan to make user login feature and save playlist under user id?

very good your script, could you put option for radio and option to register and chat?

i buy it and there is a password rar file???

no password in zip file not rar try donnload again

im sorry i mistake

I want to share the song to social media such as twitter and fb, will be available?

this option will be available soon with new features

halo, scmedia soundcloude does not support https??

we will check it

define(‘API_Key’, ‘9b7c5ab7e319a4cd630c70dd947d6bfb’);

it’s working. did you doing something ?

problem was in soundcloud api , it is fixed by soundcloud developers team

if this issue come again, should I follow up to you ? or it will fixed by wait the time ?

Are you fix the Soundcloud’s limited to 15,000 play requests per 24 hour period? After more then 15,000 plays in a day, will your script get error?

do you have google adsense support? it can be added to the panel. I would have taken it immediately.

yes this script support any ad code like adsense or custom image with linke code

not sure if i understand this player..

can you upload your own music files from your pc. self hosted music? or its only with soundcloud…

Say i have mujsic files on my live server, can i link them here how is playlist updated, back end or manual inserting(coding0

support php7?

Interesting platform! Are you aware that Soundcloud does not provide API anymore (at least, not now)?

i know this , so we include our api key for used by our clients

Hello! Add me to Skype. I would like to make some modifications to the script.

Skype: hamiltonjuniotop

Mobile APP Version ?

Can you configure to display only the music search page? because I wanted to create an application.

only one part as it is in the photo. https://i.imgur.com/Dwnp77t.png

photo not available ! , and explain more what you want ?

Could you send me your skype?

Can you add music suggestions?

can you explain more ?

i cant take SC api key. where can i take it?

from sound cloud api

can you share a link? i cant find from soundcloud

https://developers.soundcloud.com/ https://soundcloud.com/you/apps

or you can use this key : 5a9f3b72a723aac2cffb7ee684a80d9b

Tell me, you can add more streaming from YouTube to the site so that you have both YouTube and soundcloud sites?