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Why u didnt create database in english guys its quite difficult for me to understand the database structure

Hi tariqmuhib,

About the structure of the database, it is really in my language, and the purpose of the system is to serve the end user, and that system has the system in its language after performing the necessary translations.

Although the source code is included and open, it was not the goal to create it for developers, although it can do so.

Exactly what do you need?

yeah what can i say now it is quite difficult for me to understand may be i can get some translations of the tables and their columns names if available ?

The names used as tables and columns are more common and are correctly translated by Google. If you wish I can forward a file to you containing the equivalence as in the example below, so I ask you to request a support in the private area informing your email so that I can forward the file to you.


TABLE 'clientes' => 'Customers' (
  'idClientes' => 'CustomerIDs',
  'nomeCliente' => 'CustomerName',
  'documento' => 'Document',
  'telefone' => 'Phone',
  'celular' => 'Cellular',
  'email' => 'Mail',
  'dataCadastro' => 'RegisterDate',
  'rua' => 'Street',
  'numero' => 'Number',
  'bairro' => 'Neighborhood',
  'cidade' => 'City',
  'estado' => 'State',
  'cep' => 'PostalCode'


I already sent the email, it includes two links for downloading the files, they will be available for a week, it also includes the list with the correspondences of the names of the tables and fields.

Please test me and let me know if it is working as expected.

Thank you so much for your support . yes it’s working fine

It was a pleasure, thanks for the preference.


The sales list does not show pagination. Could you help.


I recently discovered that in the previous update had missing files, and I am waiting for the Envato team to release the new update sent in a few days will be available.

See in the demosntration of the system that there is pagination on the sales screen.

I ask that you applied the last update, contact the support page sending me your email, I send you a temporary link to download the js files that were missing in the last update.

The Envato team has already released the updates, if you have any problems after downloading the new version please contact us.

Olá Bya… você tem versão SAAS do sistema?

Olá Zoka, estou fazendo uma versão com API RestFull que permitirá utilização via aplicativos que também farei, ou no caso em sistemas desktop para que possa integrar com seus sistemas ou até em outros computadores em nuvem.