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This is great. GLWS!

Thank you so much…

So… can I choose which elements to anymate and how? I’m already using a one-page template. Do you think there could be some conflict with that?

And is there any support?



This plugin is working with any theme. Yes support is available. You have to add css selector for element to animate and you can select different animations for each element.

Let me know if you need furthur help.

Thank You.


good work maybe i purchase

See this screenshot: http://cdn.sbthemes.com/sb-scroll-animation/screenshot-1.jpg

You have to insert css or jquery selector in one field and you can also select animation.

You can insert unlimited selectors using Add New button. No need to any shortcode.

For Example: Suppose you have ul tag with class products and you want to animate all li of product ul. Than you can add “ul.product li” in field and select animation in drop down.

I hope it will clear your doubts. Let me know if you need more clarification.

Thank You.

Hi! I was looking through the animations, very nice!

Do any of them do what this theme does as you scroll down? http://pixelgrade.com/demos/themes/?product=pile


Hi, It looks like your site has already animation installed.

I am not sure my plugin will conflict with your default animation or not.

What my plugin do is you have to insert css class or id in admin panel for which you want to animate.

If you give me wp admin access than I can check my plugin with your theme.

You can send details at sbthemes@gmail.com

Thank You.

can this addon be used to animate with scroll like this :- http://sebidev.com/gs-animated-scroll/education/ ? If so, can you please provide a example? I would definitely buy it if it does

Sorry, This plugin is not working as your example. My plugins purpose is different.

Is there a code to make sure the element is fully visible before doing the bouncein effect on my divs etc?

Hi, You don’t need code for this. Let me explain how this works.

When you scroll down all visible elements will display with animation.

Visibility is depend on which effect you have selected. Some of elements need hidden to apply proper animation. In some animation hidden not required. So it is dynamic.

You just need apply animation from admin side and it will automatic visible on scroll with animation.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank You.


i try to save an animation, but when i click on “Save”, my animation is not saved ..

Can you help me ?

Hi, Can you send me admin login details so I can check? You can send details at sbthemes@gmail.com Thanks.

Is there any way to add a delay on an animations? For example, if 2 animations are coming it at the same time because they are both on screen, I’d like to delay the lower one by a few second.

Hi, Sorry but this feature is not available right now. May be we will add this in future. Thanks.

I saw that you added this. It works great! Thanks so much!

SO glad I found this, it makes page animations so easy! However, I do want to second tee_na’s request – an optional animation delay parameter would add a lot of power/control to the plugin. There are lots of scenarios where having the animation wait a fraction of a second would make all the difference.

Hi, The feature you requested is already working.

I just setup in my local and added 2 elements in html which both are visible on my screen without scroll.

And I set different animation for both respectively 1 and 2 seconds delay. And it’s working for me.

Make sure your css or any other animation property is not affecting in your installation.


I’ll be damned, you’re right, sorry about that. I’ve been working within an HTML-only copy of my testing page, and most of your plugin still works in that context, but apparently that feature doesn’t. :) Never mind!

Thank You.


Is your plugin capable to do everything and exactly like this scroll animation?




No it not works on horizontal scroll. The concept you gave is totally different with this plugin.

What this plugin do is animate HTML elements based on scroll like my demo.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thank You.

Hi there, Do you happen to have a slide entrance/exit effect? I see the regular slide but not the entrance.


Do you have any example site?


It’s almost like the bounce entrance, but it just slides in without the bounce. http://www.dogstudio.be/

Try fadeInUp with more speed. Its almost similar.

Hi there. I’m sorry to report that as far as I can tell, this plugin isn’t working with the latest version of WordPress. I’ve tried two methods of getting the logo to animate on this site (via jQuery selector in the settings as well as through the code in header.php) and neither of them are doing anything: http://williamsoncpa.com

I also don’t seem to be able to delete jQuery selectors after I create them. I realize that it’s possible that there’s a plugin conflict, but I tried deactivating all plugins other than this one and the result was the same. :/


Problem is with your theme’s jquery.main.js file.


Line no 11: if ($.browser.msie && $.browser.version <= 7)

Here it gives error that $ is undefined.

Please replace that $ with jQuery word and check again.


Ah, so sorry, I should have tried it with a default theme. :/ I implemented your solution and it is now working at the code level, thanks a lot for your help.

The only problem now is that the Settings screen is acting weird: it still won’t let me delete existing jQuery Selectors and I can’t even change the parameters – when I hit Save it always reverts to the previous options. This is still the case even when I have the Twenty Fourteen theme active. It’s not a huge problem since I can edit at the code level, but I thought you’d want to be aware of it.

Thanks for information. I will surely check it.


please give me a refund.

Thanks in advance!

Please send me your website and login details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check for issue and if I couldnt solve I will surely send you refund.


Because of data security reason, I am not allowed to give you the login details.

Ok sure atleast send me URL so I can check.