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yastech Purchased

Having troubles with page not loading with the sb shortcode being used.


I tried on my local and its working with default theme.

I am using latest version of plugin but no worry send me admin details so I can check. Send me details at sbthemes@gmail.com

Thanks :)

Hi. Thanks for making a nice maps plugin! I have a problem that I’m hoping you can help with. Currently your plugin has support for displaying “nearby places” of the set types allowed by Google places API. However, these types are rather clunky, particularly when the categories assume things are categorized internationally as they are in the US. So the function has limited use and poor results.

I want to be able to use the more powerful places search as per https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/search I say more powerful as I can use type AND keyword.

I have been trying to find a maps plugin that supports this. It would be really great if you could show me how I may adapt your plugin to be able to use keywords, not the rather useless (in my case) google categories.

Also, when using nearby places with your plugin, I have to specify center of map in the zoom settings. All well and good, but ideally I’d like the places to be returned (where possible) based on the users current location (if this can be pulled, if not based on the default set). Meaning using the Google geolocation API https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geolocation/intro


May be I will consider this API for next version as I am going to implement new functions in each of my plugin.

But frankly it will take some time for me to do this because it will require major change as I have to replace current API with this.

Thanks :)


is there any possibilty to use your plugin in the following way:

show a map with markers that show events, linked to a location, plus a filter function above this map to filter the shown events for date/location/category etc.?

Plus is there a way to add multiple categorys and link colours or ven icons to those categorys?

Is it possible to add a custom marker for EACH event O want to show on the map?

If the above is not possible out of the box maybe there a other supported plugins or a way to customise this easily via code?

Thanks for anwering.


One thing is you will have to manually add markers in map. It will not automatically added in map when you add event.

Another thing it has no filter functionality.

For icons you can set any color of markers so yes you can manually set separate icons for each marker.

Let me know if you have any other question.

For filter and other requirement may be you will have to do extra work on it.

Thanks :)

Hi i have a big problem, when i save page all markers disappear and a i need to reinsert them! It is bugged


Please send me admin login details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check.

Thank You, :)


nobldev Purchased

I am having trouble creating a google map. For example, I want to set the latitude and longitude for Washington, D.C. (38.9072, 77.0369) but this sets the icon somewhere in Asia. I also can’t go back and edit the address field as there are exclamation icons in the field, also among other fields in the settings.

Please send me admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check.

Thank You.

Hi there, when I first installed the plugin everything was working perfectly, we changed the dns and got a new domain server (I don’t know if that matters) and after a while I realised that Every time I save the map it eats up randomly entries, I need to put 30 locations and it’s impossible every time I save it eats up some or all of my entries and I noticed a visual bug as well, the background of the input box for the text has a pattern of Warning labels, like it’s an error. This is used for a client and he is giving me hell please get back to me as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.


Please send me admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check.


I have a problem with SB Google Map. After adding points to the map they are showing on the map correctly, but when I go again to the edit options of the map and I close it – the points are disappearing. Also the names of the points on the map don’t display correctly – they are covered with the image of halfcircle with “I”. I will attach a screen. The same problem with the circles appear in the place where it should be “Center of Map” This is a link with a screen: http://chomiczek.uploadfile.pl/pobierz/1062868---epoe/5316677400_1326980696.jpg

Please send me admin login details so I can check.

This is normally because of invalid google map API. But send me details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check.

Thanks :)

I sent all details :)

Ok Thanks. I will reply in personal email :)