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Great twist on the memory game concept.

Nice game buddy, i may purchase it for my facebook application

Thanks, I hope it will be useful

Is it possible to add some sound effects? background music?

Not Yet, we will add Animal Sounds in the next update.

We have added sound effects in the latest update.

very creative dude! good luck with sales!!!

Will this be responsive to tablets and mobile devices… dynamic resizing? If not I really need one for mobile that I can change up based on a couple different game ideas… Will this work or can you create one?

You can change the resolution by editing index.html file, but it doesn’t support dynamic re-sizing yet. Also the current version doesn’t work properly on tablets and mobile phones. But we are working on releasing a version for mobile platforms. If you have any idea or suggestion about the mobile version or other questions, you can contact our mail: 01smilegroup@gmail.com

Nice concept and implimentation.

I would work out a better scoring system though as even kids are ery competitive.

Like all game files I cmment on…a high score table or an email your score would make it better.

Well done!

Thanks for the comment. It is a nice idea and we were thinking of it too, but didn’t have the time to add it to the game. The games that we are now uploading to codecanyon are just simple ones and are somehow samples of our work. If anyone need something special and with more features, they can contact us via our mail or site.

Looks good. Is the .capx file included? I want to make quite a few changes.


Thank you. No, because it wasn’t made by Construct 2. You can edit the sound and appearance (also texts), but further changes is difficult because the codes are minified.

Nice one, I like this.

Few questions. About 8 months ago, you promised to add sound effect to the game, any good news on that? (or how to add sound effect?)

How about a high score table and an email your score to a friend or share score on Facebook page feature? I see someone requested that 8 months ago, any plans to implement any of this?

Would be a plus if the game is responsive too for mobile and tablet devices, you know….the world has gone mobile these days.

I look forward to your feedback. Thanks

Hi and thank you for your comment,

Sound and responsive update is almost ready and we will try to upload it on codecanyon next week.

But currently we don’t have any plan on adding score board or share score feature.

We have added sound effects and auto-resize (responsive) feature in the latest update.

Glad to hear about the update! Definitely will be getting on board soon as I’m done setting up my new animals site.


Will this template work for a native app (IOS, Android)?

If I want to purchase this and resell the app (without ads) which license do I need? The Regular or Extended license?

Thank you.


For using this game in commercial purposes, you need to purchase the extended license.

And about working as a native app, I should say that the games that we have uploaded on codecanyon are in HTML5 format and must be run via a web browser. So you can run them on iOS, Android or any other devices’ browsers. But if you want a separate game that installs itself on the device, we have to make an application from this game for you. We have done this before and you can see one our games for android on this link:


Contact our email for more information about making an app.

Hello guys,

Looks interesting. Would be a must-buy if there was a share button after some levels and if it was responsive.

Think about it as the concept is really great.


Hi there,

About share feature, we can write you function that gives you easy access to score and add a share button at the game’s end and you just have to write your own share code in it.

And about being responsive, the new version is responsive, but we haven’t uploaded it on codecanyon yet. If you like, we can send it to you after you have purchased the game.