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Yes it is. Thanks


What is this?

I’ve purchased other plugins by you and they are SO easy and simple. This one is so not compatable.

Please assist.

Hi. That’s weird. There is either A) some browser extension acting on that or B ) some other CSS on your site. To check A, can you view the page in an incognito / private browser window. That will prevent extensions from working. If it doesn’t help then it’s CSS on your site. Let us know.

Hi, I bought this plugin(save n share cart) just now and tested. the plugin functions is work well but cart character is broken below picture. non english character is broken in mail I am using korean . plaese let me know how to fix this

Hi. Could you send a screen grab? Seems like a CSS conflict maybe. We don’t really support non RTL languages though.

Hi, Thanks for answering. screenshot is here -> . Charcter broken cart total, price text only. thank you.

Hi There. So sorry about this. We wouldn’t even know how to start fixing it. If you can fix it with a developer on your side that would be great. If not please request a refund through CodeCanyon and we will accept. Sorry that we don’t have better support for asian characters.


DSPNZ Purchased

TM Extra Product Options. Is this plugin now compatible with that plugin?


DSPNZ Purchased

I am interested in purchasing this if it is compatible with TM Extra Product Options.

We can’t be sure. If it isn’t you can request a refund through CodeCanyon and we will fulfill. Thanks

Hi. I’ve converted by Basket to a “Wishlist” and I use an obsolete plugin which forces people to log in to send the Basket. For your plug in. Do people have to log in to the site to send the Basket?

That seems to be incorrect. I logged in and sent a basket with pricing. When I was on incognito, it sent a basket with zero pricing.

It also fails to link on the email as well. It just goes to a blank Card page – site is

Apologies for the delay, Our dev will look into this as we think it might be on our side.


I’m curious if there is a setting to only load this plugin on the cart page? I see it currently loading on ever page of my site and would prefer it did not. Any reason for this?

Hi. Yes it loads on all pages, this is so the button can be used anywhere on the site.

I’ll see if we can change soon this and make it batter to only load if a button is placed on another page.

Hi guys, you’ve created great features for this plugin… but I’m having trouble with it throwing off the display of my cart. Ideally the button would be on its own line. Can you please suggest a fix?


Are you adding the button at the top? The button at the bottom looks correct if I look at your cart page.


I removed the button using your settings and created my own… BUT then I run into the button problem from my other post… where the pop up window loads briefly, but then I’m immediately taken to the cart page. So the popup window is only available for a a few seconds before being automatically taken to the cart.

Please click either of the Save Cart buttons at the bottom of this page…

My button properties (In Avada’s Fusion editor) also have other fields… should anything go in these options?

- Button Title Attribute - Button Additional Attributes - Modal Window Anchor - CSS Class - CSS ID


I just tested… and it seems your site has a javascript error on it… I’m not able to work out where it’s coming from though.

If you right click (in Chrome browser) and Inspect and then go to the Console tab, you will see there is a javascript error there… That will be what’s breaking the plugin/popup from working.


Hi, prepurchase question Is possible to have only save function and disable share? User have their saved cart in account page? Also it show a button in minicart too?



Yes you can remove the share button. And it doesn’t show on the account page or the mini cart. It shows in the dashboard for the admin to view.



Does it save discounts? So for example, my website has user role bases pricing. If I have the discount based on user role and I save my cart, can some else pay for me with the cart url with the discount? Or will the discount be gone if someone else views it?


frisser Purchased

I have this plugin and also the Email Customizer, but for some reason I can’t find the layout of Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce in Email Customizer – maybe I’m missing something?

Hey, I want this function but only on the whole cart from the cart page alone, So in addition to ‘Go to Checkout’ they have an ‘Email this quote’. Can this plugin do this, and can we set it so the site admin/store manager gets a copy of the email so they can follow it up with a discount offer for example?

Can you let me know please. B :)