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I notice a lot of people asking about TM Extra Product Options. Is this plugin now compatible with that plugin? Thanks!

I see you’ve purchased the plugin now… Hope it’s working well.

Pre-sales question : Is there any way to use the sending email function in SIngle Product page? I would like to put this function into Product Meta, so I would like to use it for emailing when I do not have a product in my cart. Thanks

Sorry – there isn’t a way for our plugin to do this.

Thanks for answering. Can i move Share button next to Cart update button ? or after purchase, Could you tell me how do i move that?

Just purchased and the plugin just seems to endlessly load and not provide link?

I think you need to add something to your basket first

Have installed the plugin but isn’t working the icon appear in the checkout page but when i click its not working


Can you send us a link to view your site and try see why?


The plugin keeps mentioning there is an update to version 2.16, however it is not available on the downloads page. Further on this official product page it says the most recent version of this plugin is 2.15.

We have the same problem with your other plugin ‘WooCommerce Email Customizer’, this plugin is says it can be upgraded to version 3.14. However the official product page says the current version is 3.12.

Please inform us on the status of this problem. Best regards, Gerald

Hi Gerald. The approval process for CodeCanyon is slower than than which we can update the file on our server. Please input your purchase code from the link on our plugin on the Plugins page and you can update from there directly.

Thank you for your reply. When we input the Code Canyon purchase code in the plugins wp-admin, it says ‘forbidden’ when trying to download the update. This counts for both plugins. Does this mean that we need to buy support to receive plugin updates? This because our support had expired. With most plugins support and plugin updates are not dependent on each other (product updates are available life long after purchase). Regards, Gerald


No, you shouldn’t need to buy support to upgrade, your CodeCanyon purchase code should allow the updates to come through.

Make sure you’re entering the correct code. Let me know if you still can’t get this to work.


Hello, Could you tell me if your plugin also shares carts with “promo code”? Regards,


How it works is you will share the cart and when the users land on the website, the cart will be populated and the user can then checkout as normal and add the promo code then.


Is there functionality to adjust price in cart before sending to the customer?

Specifically, if we have wholesale users that have price $X, and they want add cost to the product before sending (their markup amount), is this possible?

Unfortunately not. Sorry

Can I Use the plugin on as many sites as I want?



Hope you are well. We got a problem as Google are indexing all the url:s that are created. We need the urls that are created to be no-index

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards Jens

Hi Jens

Noted, I’ve added this request for the developer to add to the next update.


I see that admins / shop managers are able to view the saved lists on the back end. Is it possible for the customer creating these links to view them in some sort of list format on the front end of the site?

(I’m wondering if the customer was to lose the created link, would they still have access to that link?)

If this is not possible at this time, is this something you would consider adding in a future update?



No, only the admins are able to view the created link. if the user lost the link they could very easily re-create a new one again.

I’ll add this as a feature to consider but we won’t be able to add it on right away as we have other requests to complete first.


I’m stuck on this error “This version of Save & Share Cart requires WooCommerce 3 or newer”. Please help.

I did a lot of customizations on my woocommerce and can’t update it to latest version. After my recent update of the plugin, I’m stuck on the above error. Can you provide me latest updated plugin which will not cause any issue with old woocommerce version.

This is my site:

Hi There. Yes. Sorry we are forced to support WooCommerce 3+ from now on. We are amending the product listing page.

Hello, This is a pre-sale question. Is the plugin working with subscription product?

The subscription emails will take on the style that you set but you can’t edit the content of those emails themselves in Email Customizer.

Can this plugin support custom fields? Im using a plugin for local pickup at different locations and I need that the saved cart stores the pickup location aswell.

It doesn’t. Sorry about that. Sean

Can it work on a non-WordPress site? And if you can tell what exactly the product does, and if you can see a site that really uses this specific product

Nope.. This is only available as a WordPress Plugin.

This plugin lets you create a cart/basket and then choose to send/email it to anyone you choose to complete the purchase for you, or copy a link which will bring users to the site and populate the cart with your items.


Allow a site where the product is installed? To see how it works?

we don’t have a demo site for this unfortunately, but you should be able to see by the screenshots


Hi, this is a pre-sale question. Does the plugin support WPML. If not, how have your customers implemented this plugin in an multi-lingual website?


Yes it works with WPML, we have many users translating the plugin with WPML.


Can I place your product on other pages as well?


This only shows on the cart page as that is where the users will send the cart from.


Does this plugin work with the newest version of WooCommerce?


Yes it should, we are busy ensuring it works with the new latest version and will post an update soon.



jyrbba Purchased

Unable to translate:

Cart name (optional) Home Page Cart Page Checkout Page

And in the emails “Ä” and “Ö” don’t work at all.

I’m using Loco, any way to correct these?



I’ve made a note for the dev to check this and fix in the next update. Apologies for this taking a while.



gotmedia Purchased


I can’t seem to get any support for this plugin… I renewed support for this plugin via and then it took me to a support forum somewhere else.

The plugin, Save & Share Cart, doesn’t work…

Here’s the steps I follow:

Add any product to the Shopping Cart
Click the "Save & Share Cart" button
Click the blueish green button
Wait for it to load
Then copy the link it gives you and paste it in a new window

I immediately get an empty shopping cart which I don’t want.

This has nothing to do with the cache because I have disabled the cache plugin and it still happens.

Here is my site:

Thank you for your time!


gotmedia Purchased

Wow… I don’t see that at all. I have the cache cleared on my Chrome browser. I have the cache plugin disabled on my site. I don’t get it! I see “Empty Cart”.

Hi There. Yes. Just did a quick test on your site and it seems like something else is acting on the cart page before the S&SC cart link can load. Could there be something else?

Hi There. Yes. Just did a quick test on your site and it seems like something else is acting on the cart page before the S&SC cart link can load. Could there be something else?


iJason Purchased

The plugin has shown that there is an update v2.16 for 4 months, however every time I come to my downloads here on Envato I still get v2.15. How long does it take for Envato to approve your update.


2.16 is the latest version… Not sure why it’s not on CodeCanyon yet, the dev should have submitted it… I’ll check and make sure it is submitted soon.