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you have nice game but to make it really exiting and people wanna to buy it from you so you have to add more backgrounds….

pls play this game and you will understand how good games are, good luck


Hello Vagentilpengar, Thanks for your great suggestion and interest. we are going to launch game like this as you suggested, it will be different , but graphics look like as you suggested(3D type). be with us. we will come with what you expected. As soon as possible.

Very good service and answer. you can always make it 2d too… the important thig is to have different backgrounds and characters. ¨Good luck/

Thank you !

where is the source code? all i can see is the libs..

We have contacted via email, Thanks

Is it built with buildbox? If so, will you be able to provide the bbdoc file?

It’s have a iAd ?

no, its have admob ads

Please update iAd. Thanks !

please email us sir !

Hi, I like this game,I have purchased it earlier today.

I just want to ask you as you said its build in cocos2dx but I am unable to locate the game scene class file (.mm or .cpp), Actually I want to integrate different ads network logic at game over so can you please let me know where should I write code so that I can integrate applovin ad at game over placement??

Also I want applovin banner instead admob so please assist about that as well.

Thanks, Vinod

Hi Vinod Thanks for the buying our game template. Please contact us via mail : skylabsgames@gmail.com

Hi, I am not getting any reply from you. I have sent email already. Please do the things asap as I need to upload game soon.

Thanks, Vinod

Hey, Can you please help out me?? please look in matter.

Yes but remember its a code I asked you to make changes in ads as per my requirements and then I have faced issue. I think you are checking old code.

Okay thanks..I will try and let you know.

I have released my game but its not showing any banner ad. I have entered correct keys though its not showing banner. Here is the link for game https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/bike-rider-in-the-neon-world/id993142823?l=en&mt=8

Please check out and help.

Thnaks for the reaching us. we have mailed u sir, Thank you