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I exported elements of theme 1 . After that, I imported them to this theme 2.

It showed import successful. But, when I paste elements that saved from theme 1 to theme 2. It display “Please wait…” a long time (maybe 30 minutes). And nothing happen, it just show “Please wait”.

Please help me. Thank you.

Can you help me export and import elements of this theme http://themeforest.net/item/kindergarten-children-wordpress-theme/8039555


Please send me the account to login your page via this page: http://codecanyon.net/user/wptpnet


Hi, I would like to edit a template that I have saved with “Save Load Element for Visual Composer”. How can I do it?



Firstly, thanks for your purchase.

At this time, I do not support to edit saved template. Please load template, edit and save it with new name.

If you have any suggestion to solve it. Please give us your idea, I will try support it for you, thanks a lot.

Hei, the buttons are gone since the vc update:

Here they show up (in row element) http://d.pr/i/1kfRi Here they don’t (row) http://d.pr/i/1fzvj

It’s a really bad time now… deadline is coming

After disabling and re-enabling VC the Save/Load icons are back there, but now sometimes whole elements just disappear (e.g. when dragging a element around, it’s suddenly empty). Maybe it’s something you can reproduce and write to the VC-Guys. Cheers


Sorry, I can not reproduce bug now. Are you using last version of this addon and VC plugin?

Could you pls give private message? I need account to quick check on your page.



since 2 or 3 weeks ago, I cant load templates, the icons are not displayed. I think it is because it was an update of visual composer. Could you tell me if it is all right? Shall I re-install the addon again?


Please download new version 1.8 and check again.

If bug still happen, please let me know which version of WP and VC are you using?


I can still save and load single items but can’t save/load rows. I need help on this.

Thanks, Bruno

Yes I did purchased. I think it was on another account.

Could you please give me message with that account?

And any account to login and check on your site. Plz give message at here: http://codecanyon.net/user/wptpnet

I have updated new version for your site. Everything is OK now.

Again, please use account correctly if you need support from this addon in future.

Hello, I have a problem loading templates in my Be theme installation. Everything goes fine in the back end but I can’t see any result in front end. It just returns this error: 0 slides available for this slider.Error in slider type!. See here the page: http://test.florim4architects.com/en/project/test/ Can you please help? Let me know if you need backend access. Regards, Manuel

Could you please give me message with that account?

And any account to login and check on your site. Plz give message at here: http://codecanyon.net/user/wptpnet

Is there something wrong with the plugin since the last version of VC? I am trying to get it to work, with jupiter theme. See this movie, it kinda ruins all pagesections – first time i am experiencing this. Hope it makes sense, thanks. http://recordit.co/ZNGJXZlCpY

And the save icon do not come up over rows, only the rows elements…


Could you please give us private message at here: http://codecanyon.net/user/wptpnet

I need account to login and check jupiter theme on your site.


Is Visual Composer 4.10 supported?

Hi, This addon works fine with all version of VC.

Is it possible to save a row from one page and easily paste it on another page?

Yes, you can :)

You can copy/save element from one page. Then, you can paste/load to another page

Save/Load row no longer exists, only elements inside a row, this makes this plugin useless now on latest edition of Visual Composer, why has this feature been removed??

After updating the plugin to the latest version it works again. Will it be possible to add information about plugin update functionality do the plugin itselft in Wordpress? Most of the plugins inform when there is a plugin update available. Thank you in advance. Best Regards. Great plugin.

You will have mail each when we update new version via email

Can you copy and paste entire top-level rows?


Sorry for late reply.

Yes, you can copy and paste entire top-level rows. We have supported it in this addon.


can i copy and paste elements only on the page i pressed the button, or can i save it for later and use on a other page?

e.g. .... copy a row from page1, open page2 and paste it here with all the informations.

thank you


Yes, You can copy from page 1 and paste it into page 2. Note that you need use same theme with both pgae.


Hi again,

Copy/Paste works fine with all themes, but if you use Modified version of VC, it will not support to convert from page1 to page2.

Thanks :)

I used your plugin, but the only i get when i want to load en element is Please wait… Could you please help? Regards, Jasper


Thanks for your report.

Are you using the latest version of Visual Composer ?

Regards, wptpnet

Hi, the plugin isn’t working anymore for me. I’m using VC 4.12 and when I’m trying to load an element, it tells me: Nothing to save. When I click Save, this works…


I checked again with WP 4.6.1 and VC 4.12.1. This addon works fine with the latest version of WP & VC.

Note that you must have saved template before you load it. Otherwise, the error “Nothing to save” is showed.

Please try again, save any row, then load it. If you can not load it, please send my private message with account to login and check on your site.


Hi, I’m really sorry, one of the admins deleted all templates. I love your plugin :- )

Hi, Thanks :)

Let me know if you need anything.

Why dosen’t this work with “customized” editions of VC? If a theme made their own modifications, then this dosen’t work….


Firstly, thanks for your purchase…

Yes, this addon cannot support VC modified if the theme author made change some code related to save load shortcodes, ....


Hello I bought the item, but please is there anywhere an installation guide?


Please go to download zip file at https://codecanyon.net/downloads.

Login your site. Install the plugin .zip from the Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Then, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Thanks for your purchase my addon.

Hi there, pre-sale questions! 1) How do we know if your plugin will be compatible with the copy of vc installed? 2) Can you copy & paste between pages and posts? or only works within the same page or post? Thanks!


Thanks for your interesting.

This plugin works fine with any VC version. It support copy and paste in all case between page and post. Besides, you can use import and export for all your website.

Thanks again

Hey, lovely, great and very handy plugin!

Just one thing: could you change the behavior in the mode “Always show icons” to REALLY ALWAYS show icons? Momentary it locks the “show icons” if you hovered one time on the element…but confusing because I often miss-click the action I want to click on the first hover.

Thank you/ thanks for a feedback.

Hey again,

just had the idea to temporarily be able to deactivate the load/ save icons without complete deactivating the plugin?



Sorry for delay reply.

Could you please send me private message with admin account to login and support on your page?

Please send mail at here: https://codecanyon.net/user/wptpnet

I will give you new version for this request


Hi, This is such a great and useful plugin.

May I ask for a refinement?

Is it possible on the next update to make it so that the save and load buttons are simply always available or designed to not move the standard VC duplciate, delete icons? I often hit delete button instead of what I want because it jumps the tabs to the left on hover. Why not just have all visible at all times? Or have your tabs to the left of the tabs to that the whole tab order does not JUMP every time I want to duplicate, edit, delete or even use this great plugin with a save or load function?


Great work all around.