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line 191—> system/application/controllers

$this->form_validation->set_rules(‘username’, ‘username’, ‘trim|required|max_length32|callbac__username_check’);

k is missing (callback) – thats why username match don’t work …

Well spotted! Apologies for my absence, I’m currently finishing my degree. Major updates are going to be made to this script in a couple of weeks, and I appreciate you pointing this out :) Thanks

hello =) me again … I will recomend some changes that would be great to include in updates and if you want..include them =)

my clients often forgets their pass, so if it is possible to include funktion for password recover.


Quick question.

I’m integrating this with my current admin backend. I want to simulate the SatisfyUs login as i login to my current system. Tell me just which files I must edit ( session and cookie variables,mysql..anythink else?) and if anything is very important that I wont missed it?

You need to set some session variables which are handled by CodeIgniter’s session library, have a look at my authentication model and you should see what you need to do :)


Does this application support single sign on using Open ID?


I do apologise everyone, it appears my hosting expired without me noticing!

I’m currently away from my desktop, but I’ll be back in 1 week time and will have a working copy back up on my new server :)

any new updates ? =)

Is it possible to implement password reset? My users often forgets their passwords so this would be really needed ;) I have to say that I am using this script fo about one year now and it's really good! Thank you ;)

is this script still being supported?

Hi there,
The demo is down !.

demo is down, please solve this problem!

Demo is still down, please solve this problem!

Interested in this script, but the support/demo looks non existent. :\

Demo dose not work!

is this script working or not? If the creator does not give any support, why envato still have it on product list?

Live preview is broken

Demo are broken