Discussion on Sarchholm real estate laravel multilingual agency portal

Discussion on Sarchholm real estate laravel multilingual agency portal

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Hi 1/ the administration is it possible to translate it into French 2/ Can the currency symbol be on the right?

Agent login not working on demo.

I would like to see how it works .


Hi, sorry for late reply. the credentials for agent login was wrong. we have updated it on the landing page. please try now.

url – email password: 111111


Can admin approve or disapprove agent, listing/ad

Yes, the admin can approve or disapprove agent listing.

After buying this article I installed it on my server and I can see that it has several bugs.

I opened a ticket 10 days ago that I am still waiting for an answer. I did not expect so many problems and especially that support takes so long to at least respond.

I request a refund of my payment as the system is down due to the issues and the support to fix the issues is non-existent.


sajidm1 Purchased

I am facing this issue when uploading multiple images in property

Hi, your support has expired, please renew your support and contact through our support ticket system

Hi, thanks for notifying us. The download copy was mistakenly uploaded on demo. hence the error. It has been reinstated and all is good now.

Hey buddy, you have server error going on at your demo frontend site.

I just saw all the other comments, neverminded. You probably have to fix your code first, before selling it. If your demo code is going 500, it’s a sign.

Hi, thanks for notifying us. The download copy was mistakenly uploaded on demo. hence the error. It has been reinstated and all is good now. We are confident about the quality of our code and you can check the functionality online now. So, decide for yourself.

Do I purchase this script ? Is that working without any bug ?

Hi, this item is well-maintained and supported. this means it is less likely to have any major bugs. having said that, it is not unusual to find minor issues and we are here to take care of them as soon as they are reported. So, go forward with your purchase and in case you find any issues, please open a support ticket and we’ll resolve your problem ASAP

Add property doesn’t work inside the admin dashboard 500 | Server Error, As well on the admin dashboard settings – testimonials where that data is outputted on the front . I don’t see anywhere Testimonials on the front .

Can you please fix it , because I will order the script tmwr to not waste time for tickets I am let in you know earlier . Also I thing is a good idea the user simply to login have couple fields just to edit his profile and add listing in favourites , not the same dashboard as agent , Register as Agent or Become Agent can be put else where you can make them swich in the same form ..

Cause the Agent is Agent , the user is buyer


Brother Lion why when you Login as admin it doesn’t redirect you to the dashboard? It doesn’t find the dashboard 500 internal error, it does authenticate you, and you have to click on the admin and then to /sarchholm/admin/users than you can open sarchholm/admin/dashboard. You can’t expect to make lots of sales such obvious mistakes amateur mistakes are made.

When I inspect an item it has bugs from view, I know I can expect lots of bugs, it’s low price but brother better make it Right and charge more ye.

Please fix it so I can order the script

Can you give me an estimate of how much you would charge to fit another HTML template similar 1 on 1 to this front but better

Hi, I don’t know where’s the confusion, but admin login is pretty straightforward. here’s the video that shows the process-

you talked about bugs….where do you find them. if you say specifically or share a video/screenshot, that would help. And price has nothing to do with quality of our item. whatever the price we try our best to ensure optimum quality within the scope of the project.

Please send an email to for any custom task that you are interested in, thank you

Brother Lion I know very well how to login , Please save me the time to send screenshot but go on you link and login the output is 500 | Server Error ,

When I use google chrome

The result is the same in private browsing .

How ever it does work with Brave today

‘I guess you figure it out , but prints error 417 from time to time

session expires too fast , than I clear cookies , to login back again .

Yesterday I couldn’t login even with Brave , so there is progress but little issue stills remain

You can go for your self , I will email you for the task thank you

You have to click on admin in right corner to access


url –

email – password – admin

Admin.. I’m having frequent 500 errors the first time i load any of the front pages..local.ERROR: Trying to get property ‘name’ of non-object (View: /home/agentng1/public_html/resources/views/frontend/properties-category.blade.php) {view”:”

App\\Models\\SiteInfo {#1094<samp data-depth=1 class=sf-dump-expanded>

support not helping and all the functions of the code not working

1 star is to much

cant add property bc image take error and many bugs…

Hi, you are supposed to contact through support not comment! we have already said that in previous comment. support link is given atop all items on codecanyon. in case you still can’t notice, here it is-

I send ticket but anybody answer me!!!!


mahdi69 Purchased


RTL is not available at the moment. we’ll release RTL version in future update

hi, Translation menu in admin panel has error,

JoeDixon\Translation\Drivers\Translation::JoeDixon\Translation\Drivers\{closure}(): Argument #2 ($key) must be passed by reference, value given

how to change the currency?


Does this platform already have a backend included or does it need to be built?

the backend is there and the demo for it is also in the item description

Hello, I have a problem with adding properties due to lack of credits in the administrator, how do I change that?

and how do I add credit to agents without payment methods

hi, is it possible to disable the map in the sarchholm/properties ?

hi, I see that the feature sort by price (low to High and Hight to Low) is only available in the agent page that has no price value, and this feature is not showing on the property list page that needs it the most…. please advice

The price filter option is available on the property list page.

sort by price does not work nor filtes.

1 – No there is no sort by price: (Where properties are shown)

h ://demo.lion-coders com/soft/sarchholm/properties

h ://demo.lion-coders com/soft/sarchholm/search-property?_

2- Yes here there is sort by price: (Where no properties are shown)

h ://demo.lion-coders com/soft/sarchholm/agents

3. here Shows sort by price: (but does not work)

h ://demo.lion-coders com/soft/sarchholm/properties/rent h ://demo.lion-coders com/soft/sarchholm/properties/sale

Also: Sort By Features and filter does not work

i have error 500 after installation need support

I want to asked why admin dashboard having error 500

hello please reply i try to solve this error 500 but kept repeating on other many problem i think need to check it too much bugs..

need help dashboard wont display i try to reinstall same not working i just want to ask what the problem

I had a lot of problem with the script. Please check:

ErrorException Undefined variable $imgData

505 error

Spatie\Analytics\Exceptions\InvalidConfiguration There was no view ID specified. You must provide a valid view ID to execute queries on Google Analytics.

Google\Service\Exception { “error”: { “code”: 403, “message”: “User does not have sufficient permissions for this profile.”, “errors”: [ { “message”: “User does not have sufficient permissions for this profile.”, “domain”: “global”, “reason”: “insufficientPermissions” } ] } }

Your support has expired, please renew your support and contact us at

You could implement this suggestion and leave the entire map on the side screen and when zooming in with the mouse scroll it will update the properties within that area, just like this site:

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