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i am always give support related my plugin.


I am looking for alternatives for Visual Composer POST grid. Out-of-the box implementation of post-grid in visual composer is does not render fast enough.

Will Grid layouts provided by Saranga Visual Composer Addon will improve the performance?

When I use “team grid”, css doesnt work. I checked your page as well css is not working there as well. Eg:

please send me your site link. where are you setup team grid.

Can automatic advance loop and play the carrousell?

yes auto play option available in this addon.

I just purchased the Visual Composer add-on bundle and several features do not work at all or have major bugs. I’ll list what I found so far. 1) Video carousel doesn’t work at all. Even the example page doesn’t work ( 2) For YouTube feed, background colour and hover colour are non-responsive. Instead, changing this setting changes the nearby Twitter feed background colours. 3) The YouTube settings are not clear. “User id” example is “apple” but user ids in YouTube are very long text strings. Putting the user id into this field causes the plugin never to load.

Hello, I am using the FacebookFeed on my homepage but when I click on a post image it doesn’t enlarge the photo – why is this happening? You can view the feed here

Thanks for your time, Keith

i found issue on your site. please add below css in your theme style.css file

.mfp-ready .mfp-figure {
    opacity: 1 !important;

Thank you! This works brilliantly.

if you like my plugin and support please give me 5 star rating on codecanyon.

Dear Sir, Thanks for a great plugin, I was using “Team Carousel” feature. How can I link member’s complete bio with carousel image/s ? Here is the page : Thanks

Hi Sargana, Thanks for your reply, I found a solution and link them with custom icon So all is good now. Thanks

if you like my plugin please give me 5 star rating on codecanyon.


92WEST Purchased

Good Morning,

We are trying to use the plugin and have an error. I’ve included the plugin, purchase code, page location and the error generated.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Purchase Code: 768ca22b-0396-4391-ac1d-3912675723cf


Issue: SyntaxError: expected expression, got ’,’ Line 233

please send me mail in

i will give solution.

Dear Sir, on My team carousel page, I am unable to show “pagination” and “navigation”: Could you please check, what is wrong on this :

i have found you have select only 5 member. and display item is 5. so next no any team member so pagination hide.

if you show pagination please select item = 3 then display pagination and navigation.

Dear Sir, on My team carousel page, I am unable to show “pagination” and “navigation”: Could you please check, what is wrong on this :

thank you.

if you like my plugin and support so please give me 5 star rating on codecanyon.

Thanks Saragana, yes provided 5-star rating already

thank you.

It looks like when I untick the ‘show more’ box then all the images disappear. The links are still there – I can hover over where the image should be and the links still exist. Any ideas how to fix that?

Also, is there any way to force portrait photos into square? For example we have 5 photos in a row, 4 are square and 1 is rectangular portrait and so it sticks out below the others. Can we force that one to be square?

Hello, I have lost my Facebook stream – I just see the spinning circle. Can you help?

i have check your site proper display your facebook feed.

I have checked on 3 different machines and browsers – definitely not working. I do not see my Facebook feed – just the psinning circle.

Hi, First off, great plugin! I bought it specifically for the post carousel feature but I am having an issue with it. On the website that I bought it for, I am only able to place one working post carousel. When I add a 2nd one, the first one will show up, but where the 2nd one should be, I just get a spinning icon. I have tried a bunch of things and can’t figure out why this is happening.

I was able to successfully install the plugin on a different website I run and was able to have 5 of the post carousels on screen at once, but on the other website, only one will actually show up with the exact same code.

Here is a link to the page where it is having issues:

Thanks, Ryan

Hi, i was able to install it the plugin, I’m having a issue all the other elements like the post grid or post masonry theres a checkbox if i want to append a filter to the post in the front-end, the reason why i bought this plugin was to have a carousel that has a filter that the user could filter out by category Help!! Thank You

please send me screehshot link.

Hi, this is a screenshot of what i thought this plugin will do it’s a carousel with a menu on top thats a ajax filter that the user could choose which category post they want to view

Hi, i’ve a problem with the post grid/list layout. The excerpt doesn’t display, and the excerpt lenght into the settings it’s disabled (i can’t show the text but only the label). It’s very important solve this problem because i need to finish a work. Could you please help me ?

please send me link where are you setup this plugin.

The Facebook feed has stopped working on my website just get the spinner nothing else happens?

i have found you have used old version of this plugin please download latest version and setup it.

The new version of the plug-in still says V1.0, gets confusing:)


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Hi, Dear Saragna, I just installed and activate your module, but image carousel which is cause to buy this module! is not working!!!!! simply not showing!!

so what can I do to fix it?

thanks a lot and have a lovely day:)

i have not found my image courasul setup.


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Dear Saragna Unfortunately I cannot put the url in public places cause of my custommer! How Can I send it privately for you?

Thanks a lot


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I am using Woocommerce Carousel widget. It works really great compare to other solutions I’ve tried.

At the moment I have a problem. I need to change text on “ADD TO CART” button. I am trying “WC Custom Add to Cart labels” plugin, it works everywhere except carousel widget.

Is there a way to change “ADD TO CART” text? would be great if you could add this feature, or suggest any solution.

Thank you


mimocom Purchased

Hi, Dear Saragna, I just sent an email for you and till now no answer!