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TheRSDS Purchased

Hello, Super excited to use your plugin, but.. I just installed it and I get this error message

Notice: wp_enqueue_style was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or login_enqueue_scripts hooks. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.3.0.) in /home3/scriblit/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4139

The categories search for Grids and Sliders isn’t working either,

and if I have WITH Woocommerce Wishlist activated (my theme requires it) I get fatal errors.

I made sure woocommerce and theme files were updated, and even went to the new version of Visual Composer (Page Builder now) and nothing’s worked.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time,


please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com

please mention your username in mail.

I’ve set up the Facebook feed plugin. There seems to be some issues with responsive behaviour, not sure whether it’s this plugin or a conflict with my theme – although the theme is specifically designed for visual composer. The Facebook carousel looks great, but if the browser window is resized it immediately stretches and then disappears. Same issue when viewed on an iPhone. https://betaone.jubilee.co/news-issue/

Hello! I just bought your plugin. When I activate the plugin, the preloader breaks. When I deactivate the plug-in, the preloader works well. Now I activated it so that you can see how the preloader works. The plugin is installed on the site https://bbic.pro/

Hi. Thanks for creating the Visual Composer Addons. I tried to use but it isn’t working. I opened a new WP site and opened visual composer, choose Saragna Addons and choosed Facebook Feed. I fikled in the Facebook Page ID (I am sure it is the right one) and saved and published the site. After I opened my website in a new tab and I just get the “wait button”. You see that here: https://julianopensyourmind.ch/test/ . Can You please help me / just tell me what I have to to that the Addon is working? Thank You. Regards, Julian

Using Post Accordion seems to break rows that are set to “stretch row and content”. When I have a dual column stretched row with a text box in a column, it will extend to the edge of the browser window. If I replace a text box with Post Accordion the row left and right padding comes back on and ruins the page layout. This is Page Builder 5.4 with Lumino theme.

i have leave in few day so not get support. please send me mail khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i check your issue and i have not solve your issue so i give you refund.

please mention in mail your username.

I got the same issues. PHP Notice ! I can’t use it in a stable production environnement. I Wish to be refunded.

ok, but how ? I’ve no reply file input available

Please note that changing WP_DEBUG to false is not a solution for me.

ok please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will give you latest version. all error solved.

ok please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will give you latest version. all error solved.

Hi, I wrote to You before and didn’t get an answer. I have problems to run the Facebook-Site-Integration of the Saragna : Visual Composer Addons. I chosen the item in WPBakery and filled in my Facebook Site ID and checked that it is right. But if I open my site, I just get the wait-animation and my Facebook Site isn’t loading. You can see it here on my site: https://julianopensyourmind.ch/test/ Please contact me and try to help me what I can do to use the Plugin I bought from You. Regards, Julian

i have show your website test page. proper working fb feed. http://prntscr.com/hfoviq

can youtube autoplay a video or videos in carousel?

autoplay option not available. in poup possibel using customization.


thaisky Purchased


How can I get support? You don’t reply to my messages at all.

I have big issue with “Show more” button in WooProducts widget,

It works incorrectly: - sometimes products do not load at all - when they loaded, they broke layout because of overlaying to footer section - in some cases after loading few products, “show more” button getting under products, and it is not possible to press it again and load more

how can I fix it?

I’ve purchased bundle because of this widget, and cannot use it with this issue.

Please help!


thaisky Purchased

I’ve sent email to khunthitesh32@gmail.com . Thank you!


thaisky Purchased

Hi Saragna 3 days since I sent you request. I see no any response from you.


Very sad about how you do the support.

i have not receive any mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com. please also mention in your username in mail.

Hello! Your Plugin isn’t working at all. You send me a screenshot which is showing that it is working but I don’t know which magic trick You are using. If I open julianopensyourmind.ch/test there is only a wait-animation – NO MATTER WHICH BROWSER OR EVEN WHICH DEVICE I USE (MacBook Pro, iPhone, Android-Phone, Safari, Firefox, other browsers). Please detect the problem and tell me why my Facebook Site isn’t visible if I open julianopensyourmind.ch/test. Otherwise I feel like I need to write online about my bad experience and need to test other Plugins which I don’Ät like to do. I wanna make good experience with Yours, but for that I need a more specific part-by-part support. Regards, Julian

i have checked your test page in chrome and firefox latest version proper working your fb feed.

Problem solved.

Hi. question about Facebook Carousel. Is it possible to show materials on hash tags from a particular channel?

please send me link.

sent in a personal


Hello in the product picture is says it includes Instagram Gallery with Carousel. I purchased the item and it doesn’t seem to include Instagram gallery only the feed. I want it to display In a gird(Style3 with Instagram Popup as seen here http://plugin.saragna.com/vc-addon/instagram-feed/)

I don’t understand what your are saying.


This product image clearly shows it includes Instagram gallery with carousel.

It is not included, which I why I bought the bundle, please refund as your advertising is misleading and incorrect. Also this problem with your product display being misleading was pointed out to a year ago by user “hostcow” over a year ago and you haven’t fixed the issue.

Please issue a refund or I will submit a chrageback

check your mail.

check mail.


bronnoy Purchased

Hi, we use their extension on our website. From April 4, instagram addons do not work properly. Instagram stopped showing username and profile image of sender.

You will find our website (in the middle) titled MIDTINORGE PÅ INSTAMRAM


Hope for quick feedback

please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com

Hello, I can’t understand the difference between your two plugin bundles. Saragna : WPBakery Page Builder Addons (formerly Visual Composer) 25$ WPBakery Page Builder Addons Bundle (formerly Visual Composer) 55$

Saragna : WPBakery Page Builder Addons (formerly Visual Composer) 25$ : this addon in limited layout and limited functionality.

WPBakery Page Builder Addons Bundle (formerly Visual Composer) 55$ : this addon in individual 13 addons. more functionality instead of “WPBakery Page Builder Addons”