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Beautiful. have bookmarked this for further reading and purchase on a next site that will require help for my client.

Nice! What is a sidebar element?

Thank you :)


Do you have plans to make a developer license? I could see myself using this on every WordPress site I create (2-5 a month). Your single-site license is very reasonable, but I would prefer to buy a developer license that I can use on multiple sites.


Hello. Since I’m the exclusiv author, I’m obliged to sell plugins only at codeconyon.

You can buy Extended License because:
  • Component to be used in a template which is then sold (including on CodeCanyon or ActiveDen).
  • Part of a software package for sale.

link – http://wiki.envato.com/buying/licenses-buying/codecanyon-regular-and-extended-license-usage-examples/

Does Saola work with WordPress multisite?

I didn’t test it.

is there a chance for it?

This version don’t work with WordPress Multisite.

Is it possible to have one help element appear on more than one admin page? For example, the same help on the post and new-post admin pages.

Also, how would I add a help tab to custom post types when they are being edited? For example, url to a specific custom post would be, .../wp-admin/post.php?post=5046&action=edit


Looks like I need a username/password to login to the demo.

it’s example url for custom post type.(new post, type = saola_help_message)

No longer needed. Thanks!

Will this work on Multisite?


Sorry, but i do not tested.

Is this multisite compatible in that if I updated one site, all the sites will update?


This plugin don’t tested on WordPress Mu.

It does NOT work on multisite because you need to add “URL Page” in the plugin to display the help and it is not possible to add *.yourdomain.com or something like that. you need to add this help for every page on your multisite install. SO no it does not work. :)

But it would be very nice if you make it multisite ready… :)