Santa Snowcross With Admob Banner & Interstitial - Eclipse Project

Santa Snowcross With Admob Banner & Interstitial - Eclipse Project

Ps: The first person who purchase this item he won’t need to reskin the game because it doesn’t exist on the Play Store.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

The game is created using Buildbox software.

Do you love Santa? Do you love Snow? get ready for the next generation santa snowcross racing game.

“SANTA SNOWCROSS” is the most entertaining and adventurous game of racing with snowcross.

You can add Admob banner and interstitial easily to get more revenue from this game. This game has also the Privacy Policy button, More games button, Rate button, Mute button…

Main Features of This Template

- Universal (phone & tablet) – AdMob Banner and Interstitial (You can use other ads platform as Revmob, Charboost…) – Endless Game – Privacy Policy button – More games button – Rate button – Mute sound button

The file includes :

1. Eclipse project

2. Documentation

3. Support 24/7.

How To :

- Import Project Into Eclipse.

- Change the package name

- How to Change Graphics game.

- How to change the Admob Banner and Interstitial ID.

- Change Your Privacy policy, More games, and review URL.