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Live Preview is not working, something about localStorage, maybe detect and use cookies instead.

Hi, could you tell me which internet browser you use?

Chrome latest

I’m sorry for the late response. The game works ok for me, I’ll have a look at other possible causes of the errors in this game soon.

Reminds me about some pinguin game which had the same objective. Nice job. Good luck with sales and merry christmas!

Thank you. Merry Christmas to you, too :)

Haha I made it! I distributed all the gifts to the world!

Congrats dude! :)

Well, yeah. Extremely good game, it’s not many games like this I like to play, but this was funny. Funny enough that I distributed all the gifts to the world. Just a tip for your future releases, the preview version should have some limits, like you can’t play longer than so and so many miles…And then get a option to buy the item.

What about set the price down to get yourself higher rating? GOOD work!

Thank you Ru11er! Next time I’ll try to use only a limited version of the game in the live preview. :)

can you share the apk files of all your games for android version. I want to test before purchasing all of them.

Hi. I only reccomend Pinball for android as that’s my only game that I’ve tested for android and the .apk file is available for download. I can’t reccomend to export to .apk my other games as they were not optimized for the mobile devices.

Does this work on a tablet?

Hello, sorry but this game is not tested on tablets, so I can’t gurantee full functionality on tablets.