Discussion on Sandbox Header Styles

Discussion on Sandbox Header Styles

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Obsolete. It need’s jquery migrate. It locks mouse scroll in Google Chrome. Incompatible with IE. Don’t waste your time with this.

Hello How i can make dropdown menu in Header widgets-3 bar BR

Headers not compatible with IE …. >> No Support to Fix this issue if not ill ASK for money back


I am interested in purchasing an extended license for the item to be integrated in my WordPress theme for ThemeForest that I am currently developing.

I know this is not a WordPress plugin and I have to code this myself. It would be a hard job. So, can I go ahead and purchase a license immediately ?

Kind of urgent. Please reply ASAP !


Can you please reply fast? It’s kind of urgent !

Hi Author,

I am having issue while using your script the logo and menu both are aligning left while it should both be on opposite side. I have the purchase code let me know where to communicate to resolve this issue.


How do i use this with Shopify?

I checked the menu with my iphone and i’ve found a bug. For example I had to click two times to open the menu item. This is my site; How can i solve this problem?

It’s urgent problem, please reply as soon as possible.

Hello sivrisin,

Sorry for the late reply, this problem is not reproducible on android (Samsung galaxy Note 5 was used), nor iOS (iPhone 6 plus was used), nor on desktop. Could you please specify the browser you used?

Best regards

Hello, 1. I use short-scroll header and I would like to have the logo bigger than 103×20 and after scroll smaller. 2. I would like a normal file JS ( sandbox-headers ) and not sandbox-headers.min for modify. Thanks

Hello BrYcOu,

Sorry for the late reply. For point 1, this feature will be added soon. The source files for javascript and css are included in the package.

Hi Nitrox, how could I use the Sandbox Header Styles in my Joomla site?

Thanks, Christos

Hello chrisfilda, Sorry for the late reply. Simply include the javascript file and the stylesheet then add the HTML structure in your template.

In Firefox, on your “Centered Logo” demo, when you shrink the browser window to phone size, the first half of the menu (the menu on the left of logo) doesn’t show. Hopefully you can fix this, as I’m interested in your menu. Cool menu.

I’d like to purchase this but all my sites are WordPress. How can I use this with my WordPress site? If it can be used in Wordpress, I will purchase. Thanks!

Is it possible that the logo at “Short on Scroll” can shrink automatically from bigger to small when a user scroll down.


How can i do this ??

Thank you

Hello Nitrox, How can I use the sandbox-headers files I just purchased with my Wordpress site? Perhaps you have an answer right away, hopefully. I intend to use it on my site, and I have installe a menu-plugin from which alows Import Menu themes. Thank you, Eduard

I’m using IE11, and notice that even in the demo, the nav items float to the left next to the logo. It’s doing it on my integration as well.

Hello, i would like to inform you about 2 things for the “Sandbox Header Styles”. 1) I checked the menu with my iphone from safari and i’ve found a small bug. For example I had to click two times to open the menu item. 2)This is not a problem but menu is not collapsing on ipad. Is possible to fix this?

This is probably something really simple that I am just overlooking.. but when I create a mega menu with only two columns, it stays stretched out as if it were four columns. I found out how to reduce the size of the mega menu, but it still appears far to the left as if there are four columns yet. Kind of hard to explain, so I included a picture. What part of the css changes this?

In the live preview, the “centered logo” isn’t working correctly in mobile. It only displayed “Mega menu, Skin color and Buy now”. The centered logo should be displayed the left and the right links in mobile. You have to fix this.

Could you have a custom header where its an off-canvas/slider menu icon on the short bar? So say you have a centered logo, on the left or right you have a slide-out menu but on the right or left, you could still have a smaller horizontal menu?

= LOGO Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 LOGO =

Hi – Can you combine ‘fixed’ and ‘short’ header styles?


In mobile view, I want the navigation dropdown to disappear after I have clicked a link. How to do that?

Appreciate the help.

Anybody there?

Hello amarsaleem,

You’ll need to use javascript to achieve this, you will also need to modify the :hover css rule and use a class instead.

[Centered logo] Mobile Menu


As I do to display all items? only sample 3 (Mega Menu, Skin Color, Buy Now).

Thank You!


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