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You may want to consider moving this to the javascript category, as it appears to require JS to work, and is not strictly a CSS menu.


looks really nice! Good job.

Thank you :)

Great work bro, well done :)

Thanks :)


nokiko Purchased

interesting have you tried this in combination with bootstrap ( some clients still request this so they can easily work with there columns )

Hi nokiko, I haven’t tried it with Bootstrap but I am sure it will work perfectly fine. I will keep in mind supporting Bootstrap for any upcoming features.


dogboy Purchased

Any chance this will do centered menu without logo?


dogboy Purchased

Cool, any idea when you might be updating?

Hello dogboy, new styles have been added. I hope they include what you were looking for.


dogboy Purchased

Great, looks like the centered menu is just what I was looking for. Your preview isn’t working correctly though (in Firefox)...


With your plugin “Sandbox”, can I do following: 1. Change my menu with sandbox? my site is: 2. If yes, to number 1, are there a mega menu included, with your plugin?


Hello MenWithStyle, this is not a WordPress plugin, you will need to integrate it by hand if you want to use it on your WordPress based site.

Best regards

Can you help with that, or?

Sure, send me a PM.

Great work!

Good sales! :-)

nokiko Purchased

hi can you give an update on what included in the new update?

Sure, you can find the change log on the description page and included in the package file.

Best regards

Good evening, really like the look of your service. Could you answer 2 questions before I buy?

1. Can I add social media icons to the header, and will they appear with in the mobile navigation hamburger when on mobile/tablet devices?

2. If my site uses woo commerce, will the header feature a cart?

3. Will this work on my premium theme? Im currently using shin by brand exponents and may want to use this for with other purchased themes.

Thanks in advance


Hello byronkirk,

This is not a WordPress plugin. It won’t work with WP right out of the box. There will be social icons and a shopping cart in the upcoming update.

How would i use this with my site once purchased? Does it include installation instructions?

Yes, it does

Good evening.

Im having a real difficult time inserting the code. I will be honest I’m a complete novice and don’t understand the instructions at all.

Would you be able to take a look/help me get it up and running? It would be a huge help.

Also, is it possible to have a fixed, full width header? I use 27 inch screens a lot and it would compliment the content I plan to upload.


Sure, send me an email and let me know how can I help you.


dogboy Purchased

I emailed you about the weird behavior of the sticky menu in mobile mode (in Firefox). Any fix for that?

Sorry about the delay. The fix will be in the upcoming update.

The menu on mobile does not close if focus is the moved back to the main content area. Which is a bad UI practice, can you apply a patch please.

Sure, the mobile menu will get many enhancements in the upcoming update. Thanks for your feedback.

Excellent, I shall await using it on a project and look forward to the update.

[Centered logo] Mobile Menu


As I do to display all items? only sample 3 (Mega Menu, Skin Color, Buy Now).

Thank You!


In mobile view, I want the navigation dropdown to disappear after I have clicked a link. How to do that?

Appreciate the help.

Anybody there?

Hello amarsaleem,

You’ll need to use javascript to achieve this, you will also need to modify the :hover css rule and use a class instead.

Hi – Can you combine ‘fixed’ and ‘short’ header styles?

Could you have a custom header where its an off-canvas/slider menu icon on the short bar? So say you have a centered logo, on the left or right you have a slide-out menu but on the right or left, you could still have a smaller horizontal menu?

= LOGO Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 LOGO =

In the live preview, the “centered logo” isn’t working correctly in mobile. It only displayed “Mega menu, Skin color and Buy now”. The centered logo should be displayed the left and the right links in mobile. You have to fix this.

This is probably something really simple that I am just overlooking.. but when I create a mega menu with only two columns, it stays stretched out as if it were four columns. I found out how to reduce the size of the mega menu, but it still appears far to the left as if there are four columns yet. Kind of hard to explain, so I included a picture. What part of the css changes this?

Hello, i would like to inform you about 2 things for the “Sandbox Header Styles”. 1) I checked the menu with my iphone from safari and i’ve found a small bug. For example I had to click two times to open the menu item. 2)This is not a problem but menu is not collapsing on ipad. Is possible to fix this?

I’m using IE11, and notice that even in the demo, the nav items float to the left next to the logo. It’s doing it on my integration as well.