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Hello, I sent you a message on your P.B, Any comments ? Is there any tutorials to set it sand box and camcom?or can you set it for me ? Can you recommend me please good camera models on my P.B ? All the best

Hello, I didn’t received your email!? But I’ll be pleased to help you. Our scripts are provided with complete manuals to help you.

Hello, Thanks a lot. 1)Wich plan must I choose with or Godaddy 2) Do I have to by an IP camera and wich one do you suggest me ? All the best,

Hello, any plan with php5 support and quick access is ok, nothing much is needed. As for the IP camera, there are so many products on the market with different options, resolution, I really can’t and wouldn’t tell you which one to purchase, it could be different for anyone.

Hello, Last question ! How can I propose to my customers to choose the CMS they want into their own language ? All the best

Easily, simply prepare the CMS packages (even with plugins already) and upload them in our sandbox installation directory. You can add as many CMS install packages you want, in as many languages you feel to. Thanks

Hi There,

Quick question: how are the domains handled for the sandbox sites? Are new sandbox sites just mapped to a directory of the name given? Example: if my main website is, and the sandbox install is in, then will a new site named testsite, be at this url: If I am not correct, can you give me an example of how that would work, please? Also, is there an admin option to allow the sandbox sites to be used with sub-domains?

Great script! Thanks!


Hello Nicole, Every timeyou create a new sandbow, a new sub-url is created, just check and play with our demo, you will get how it work easily. About the subdomains, some of our clients already sandbox without any problem, but feel free to contact us if you encounter or need a custom option. Thanks!

Can I but a opencart moded installation and a chat system, both in the same pack and install it at once with yout tool?

Hello, you can build your own custom packages, even with pre-installed plugins or data (with our new functions v1.1.0) Opencart packages can be modified. Sure.

Hello, Last question ! What is the process to get an own domain name(if my client need it) All the best

Hello, you can buy a custom domain via several websites. I don’t really get your question here.

Hello, Sorry I didn t understand everything ! Sandbox it is only for developpers ! or with one domain :, I can install quickly wordpress cms for my customers and the customers would get a wordpress blog with All the best

Hello. Yes you can do that. The only thing that might annoys you is that your customer will use the same password to access his console than you.

Hello,There isnt a way or a plugin to avoid that ? All the best

But buddy, I didn’t understand one thing, if I set up a custom Opencart sysntem, will the Sandbox automatic import de DB i’ve modified? Because there won’t be the install file anymore, just the files and db…

Let’s work in the correct steps : 1) You install a first sandbow with the original OpenCart files 2) You modify the OpenCart version to suit your needs (data, plugins) 3) You export the files with our new function (files + sql) 4) You can then use this exported version as a new and other installation package that will keep both your files and data motidifications into account.

Okay, but i have a problem still, i need the db and pass be automatic catch from the sandbox and fillled in the OC install, without visibility in the setup, is it possible?

It can be done, feel free to contact us by email with your custom request details.


Do you think you can do a custom work to avoid to sharing the same url ?

All the best

Then I have to check your custom installation, see what can be done.


Are alls Cms are updated to the newest version ? All the best

All the CMS installations you can uuse can be the lastest one of course, you just have to download them once when you created the CMS Sandbox the first time.

Hey, I bought this but for some reason I get

“Error mysql: Access denied for user ‘txxxxx’@’localhost’ to database ‘xxxx’” I am using this on my hosting site

Hello. Please first be sure your hosting plan does give you creation privileges for the databases. Please check the provided manual in order to be sure what you need to be using it. Thanks

Yup I did that .

Ok, let’s investigate further then, can you contact us by email or leave us your email. Thanks

Hey Dev of this app – I love it! Thank you so much, it saved me lot of time with my wp development :) Long live to this beautiful sandbox app.. every web dev should have this. Highly recommended!

PS: is it possible to have one version on my production server and another on my localhost? (both debian os, I just like to take my dev work with me when aboard)


So glad to get and read comments like yours! Thank you! :)

As for your question, you can install as many sandbox as you want and keep or launch your projects with it.

I think I am missing something? I purchased tonight and installed but Where are the CMS Installation .zip packages?

Also, it uses the OLD database… the idea is to create a New Sandbox, new database etc.

Hello, our best advice to create reusable packages that include plugins or themes, is to create them in your standard file explorer. Eg, you download the original WP install pack, unzip it to your computer, then download all the needed plugins and unzip them in your freshly created WP plugin folder. Then simply zip all that back and you got an universal ready-tu-unpack cms package ;)

I got ya.. thanks for all the help!

Hi getting this error when deleting Sandboxes

Warning: chmod(): No such file or directory in /var/www/ on line 54

Nevermind it was only the sample sandboxes that came with the script.

can i able to use opencart?

Our script is a multi-cms-packages installer, not really the same I think.

how many cms will install at a time?

i need muti store creator for opencart

hello, i did upload your script and update config file i have cpanel on my server and mysqli is installed

1 / i did create a mysql user and db through mysql wizard and granted all permission to the db but it doesnt work i get this message when generating a sendbox:

Error mysql: Access denied for user ‘server_sandbox’@’localhost’ to database ‘sdbx_test’

2/ i did create just an user without database but it doesnt work i get this message when generating a sendbox :

Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'server_sandbox'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/server/public_html/dev/admin/include/DBTools.php on line 10

Warning: mysqli::real_escape_string(): Couldn’t fetch mysqli in /home/server/public_html/server/admin/include/DBTools.php on line 19

Warning: mysqli::real_escape_string(): Couldn’t fetch mysqli in /home/server/public_html/server/admin/include/DBTools.php on line 19

Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn’t fetch mysqli in /home/server/public_html/server/admin/include/Sandbox.php on line 112

Warning: Sandbox::create(): Couldn’t fetch mysqli in /home/server/public_html/server/admin/include/Sandbox.php on line 112 Error mysql:

3/ i did try with my main cpanel username and password it didnt work i get this message :

Error mysql: Access denied for user ‘server’@’localhost’ to database ‘sdbx_test’

4/ i did try with my root whm username and password it didn’t work i get this message :

Error mysql: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ to database ‘sdbx_test’

Please let me know what i should fix, thank you


Are the created installations (WP) within the sandbox exactly same as if installed on a normal sevrer? I ask because I want to be able to migrate these temporary installation at some point to a live server with Duplicator.

Hi, there are exactly the same, just because you drop whatever installation package you want, the Sandbox engine just auto-unpack it and set it up for you. We are using this script for the exact same process as you (dev then prod). Thanks

is the cms sandbox is updated with the latest wordpress version?

You can drop any installation files you want, Sandbox will unpack and install them. So it’s no problem at all ;)

Hello,I cant access to demo or see crated accounts ?


I purchased your item please can you help installing it . I want to know why developpers never put a clear installation guide to their items to help users . Is it forbiden to put a guide to help ?

so please pay attention on that installation has always been a problem in all evato market tolls

Hello and thanks for your purchase. A documentation is included in every of our scripts zipfile. This documentation will guide you in setting up Sandbox CMS Development Manager. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Hi there, I have a few questions and would like to review the instructions and possible support before purchase, any chance you can send me a copy pls?

also does it support other installations, such as copying a prebuilt platform or website instead of an installation? How does the installation work, does it identify the cms and then set it up or does it just copy the files over?

Hi, our script can work with any server offering php support AND an admin privilege for the database used. You install your CMS quicky by uploading to our script directory a list of zipped packages that will simply unzip and install in a few seconds on your freshly created sandbox. You’re not receiving a notification, but you’ll be seeing the installation is done staying in the sandbox manager.

You can install anything you want, as you creating the packages yourself, so it could install your own packages, a wordpress with many plugins already added as a development base, ... just like anything ;)