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Hi, I want to buy the game code. What ind of ads are in the game and where the user see them. Thanks


Hello, Admob Banner and Interstitial Ads are included in the game, we attached document in the code. you can easily change ids :)

Hi, how many levels ? does it have sound ? Can you add Chartboost ?

Hi, It is endless games, it has long 20+ levels, yes it has sound, yes sure, i can add Chartboost :)

On game over, there is no option to get back to the main menu which is where you would remove ads or change characters. Only way to get back is to close game off and restart. Can this be resolved?

Yes sure. :)

Just uploaded v2 code to code canyon, they will approve soon

skylab did u fix the no option to get back to the main menu i want to buy this fast

We will updated code by today :), be with us :)

Just uploaded v2 code to code canyon, they will approve soon, you can purchase now :) Thank you

Hi, its pretty nice game on iPhone4! In all other devices there is a black bar at left and right side, can you fix this?

Hello sir, we have tested in iPhon5s and iPhone6 too. we don’t find any black bar left n right side.

It was my mistake sorry I found the bug.

Hi there – in atlas_ID4690.plist – can you tell me which frame entry to remove so the mountains in atlas_ID4690.png are not displayed or shown in the app please?

Sorry sir i didn’t get you. can you please explain more ?, you want to remove background mountain image ?

No worries – I have sorted it now thank you!

You are welcome sir

Hi, I bought it. Can you please Chartboost now ?

yes sure. just be with us. we deliver code by today within 8 hours

hello sir, sorry for delay, i want to ask you that, you want only chartboos ads ok ? i will remove admod ads ok ?

what are the inapp services available? are they for ads only?

Hi, Yes in-app purchase available, it is for Remove Ads and Buy for character too . Let me know if you have more question. We will help you till the end Thanks

Hi skylab_tech. This is a nice script you have. I want to purchase for both iOS and Android. But I have a few modifications I need done before I can purchase. I’ll list them here so you can work on them.

1. Change all title/logo references to “Senpai Ninja.” I love the fonts! Use the same fonts! Just change logo title name to that.

2. Remove all In App Purchases. Make all characters free. Remove in app purchase buttons as well.

3. Make interstitial admob pop whenever user dies.

How long will this take for you? Please respond when you can do it. Then I will purchase the script for both on iOS and Android here. And after I purchase, you can email me modified script. Also if you have questions email me now too.

Hello i have sent mail :)

Hi are you still in business? Please email me when you see this so I can make the purchase, thanks.

Hello sir, sorry for the late response. yes we are :)


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

Hello Sir, yes it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS10 :)

We Can Profile Without ads & in-app purchase :) Let us inform when you purchase it, we will provide source code without in-app purchase & ads within 1 day :) Thanks