About Same Date PRO

Our dating script is highly customized and intended for those individuals looking for same sex dating. With plenty of innovative features, it offers paid subscriptions through which you can earn a great deal of monthly income and setup great milestone in the business.

The software, Same Date PRO comes up with lots of amazing features that are quite easy to handle. It includes emails, chat rooms, ultra match, search, paid subscription, Online User Manual, etc.

Same Date PRO is professional online dating software designed especially for people searching for singles with same sex i.e. Gay and Lesbian. You can interact with the targeted singles, structure groups, or even execute your business online.

Our tailor made software are developed using PHP programming and MYSQL database. Just what you need is a hosting account and a domain name to initiate.

Same Date PRO software comes with ready-made dating capabilities such as personal dating, Group dating, sites for grownups, matrimonial sites and more. You have the total control to set up, manage and make necessary modifications to the site yourself.

Some of the incredible features of the software are: ? We match: Generates instant results on the basis of information fed by the user ? Hottest matches: Display the best matches based on user information along with latest hot pictures ? My City: Show match results from within the city. You can find your matches on the basis of age also ? My matches: Displays the closest matches based on the user profile.

Site Users can enjoy the following features:

Mailbox Send and receive messages from your partners in a user-friendly approach. It even makes communication easier and faster.

Photo upload Users can upload as many photos on their profile page for making it look impressive.

Search options Same Date PRO offers three different search options for its users to search for the date partners.

a) Basic Search: Users can find their partners by gender, city, state and pin codes. b) Advanced Search: This includes search based on authenticity, profession, religion, height, weight, etc. c) Username Search: People can find out their partners by their username.


Using this feature, you can find out your perfect match on the basis of user information and Test results.

Chat It is quite similar to Gmail chat and allows users with text-based chat with their partners.

These are some of the basic features. To explore more, click the demo button and try out hundreds of its interesting features yourself.

Admin Features

Handle Content With our ready-made CMS, Admin will have entire controls over contents and pictures on the pages. Follow and Handle Track Messages You can follow and handle the entire incoming and outgoing message passing through your website. Control Registrations It becomes easy for you to manage profiles, accept or reject new members, control reviews, etc Handle Payments Easy to control bookings through CMS and look after recurring payments Handle Logo and SEO Stuff It becomes easy for Admin to manage Meta tags descriptions, logo, etc. via Admin Panel.

Basic Requirements

Web site Hosting Requirements

• Operating System: Unix or Linux • Web Server: Apache • Scripting Language: PHP 4.3 or above • Database: MySQL 5.0 or above Installation Procedure

After you purchase the Same Date Pro software, you will be provided with a separate installation file. You can get in touch with us in case of any issues while installing or using the software. We offer 24/7 support service with lifetime support. Refer our website and feel free to email us any query. We will be pleased to help you anytime.