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1.In Widgets can i chose a category to show most popular ? i want to set as “most voted technology posts”. 2.is this plugin supported to the woo commerce product ?

if i buy a front end posting template and install this plugin, can i create a user base review web site :) i mean your plugin work with post tight ?

You’re missing the Reviewed item’s URL in schema. See https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/?url=http://authorreview.samathemes.com/?p=172 You only gave the URL of the author.

You should also add reviewBody see https://schema.org/Review

Also, does this plugin use HTML5 as in a nested article surrounded in a nested section?

Sorry, to late i have many works when i finish it i do it. thanks

That’s fine. 1 star review.

Purchase Code: 266345e7-9e0e-4331-bd7e-480a3c5e5a74

1. Request you check for Yoast SEO plugin before adding profile field 2. /templates/star.php towards the bottom, change itemprop description to reviewBody. 3. Towards the top, I would add meta itemprop url to link the review page in schema from the parent of “Thing”.

Reviews should be within a nested section. <section> <article>

The post


<aside> <section id=”review” class=””>

post title + review


review title unique text

</article> </section> </aside> </article> </section>

It’s work, any thing you need from me.

Update your module. You would be doing the nested section and change itemprop from description to reviewBody.

yes this is coming soon i add notice for this issue now

look interesting review. Want to buy but I saw the last update is 1 year ago. Is it compatible with newest WordPress version?
Do you still handle this plugin?

Hi, Is it possible to change the rating criteria for each post ? Could you show me some pictures of the admin interface and the admin interface in posts ?

Thanks a lot, your plugin seems amazing !

please read documentation and see image

Hi there Congrats for the plugin. Could you help me solving some issues? 1- I’m facing a problem, the criteria is not displayed neither on the homepage or on the categories https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/problema-jpg--15 I need it displayed there, so people can watch the videos without openning post by post On the posts it is displayed: https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/prosol-jpg 2- Is it possible to have half of the plugin size or less than its size ?https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/tasma-jpg Thanks!

please send me email using contact form in my porfile page so i can send plugin with changes you need.


Hi again,

Schema is displaying incorrectly on Google. One example is an item that has a user rating of 8.5 is displaying as 1. Is this being fixed? If not, how could I remove this from displaying in Google?

Thanks for time.

Do you plan to fix it? Can you tell me how I can remove the schema from Google for the time being?

sorry fro now no

Please fix this as soon as you can.

Thanks for your time.

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin, to design the post’s I use elegant theme plugin called Divi , if I use the Divi´s constructor to make the post’s your plugin results looks bad and messy, if I disable the Divi´s constructor it looks good , how I can use the Divi´s builder?, the plugin I use for both myself and users to rate movies and plays


Ok there is confused between 2 plugins. So i try to fixed it please can you send me login details to your site using my contact form in my profile page and also send me theme you used in your site i try to add function in single post to display author review before author info box

Thanks, i already send you

I am willing to suggest my client to purchase this plugin..before that i need to check the functionality..can you able to provide the trail version of this plugin to check the process.

Without checking the function process,i cant able to suggest the plugin..so please provide some 7 days trial pack free version.

reply for this message.

Review is work but schema for Google search not work

Is there any idea to updating this plugin with schema for Google search option?

please send trial version of this plugin pack to test the function. my client expecting the trial version pack to check the function before purchase..


one presales Question please. I need 1 to 10 stars for my ratings, is this possible with your plugin?

Regards, Oliver

and how about a WP 4.5.2 compability?

once user ratings the post cant able to rate again the same post.. how to solve this?Reply Soon

Because user can rate post only one.

How to allow only logged in user to post the ratings? Now all visitors can able to rate it..I want to avoid fake rates..so i want to allow only logged in/registered user to post the ratings?

How is it possible?

Already purchased this plugin. I need to add author review option form from front-end. Now the user can able to rating the reviews for already posted details.. But i need to add new post with all the details(author review fields) from front-end. Any shortcode available for this option? Please tell me any suggestion to do this function.

Is this possible to add this author review option in user frontend plugin

Now they posting new post(title,content,image upload)from front-end using “User frontend” plugin..

I want to include review criteria fields in form to add rating for each catagory(criteria) in percent(%)

Form looks like below:

Author review option:
Criteria1 : 50%
Criteria2 : 50%
Criteria3: 50%

Submit post(button)

Please its very important my project to adding reviews from frontend..please tell me any idea.

how to add sama author code include into user frontend code plugin to achieve this option?

No reply for my last message.Posted 2 days back…already we purchased this plugin .please reply and help

no category rating only post

Dear Sir, Presale question. I Have a multy Author website and i have created a page that shows a list with authors costum post and some info about the author. Its like an author profile. Can i intergrate there your plugin. I want visitor to be able to review the author.

So sorry only posts not author

Hi. Is there a option with only users rate? and option to insert the review system to all posts?

Every post you can make it user rate or author review or both but you need to add review system to all post one by one thanks

Goodmorning, after last update i’m reciving this messages on page : Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/tangoinp/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sama-author-review/index.php on line 229

I tried to disable the plugin but it crash all my page after i did it. There is a safe way to remove it without lose all my work? Thank you

please edit file index.php and in line 229 replace it with this line
$review_star = round( absint($value) / 10 / 2, 1 );

still don’t work, still same message. Please can you tell me how can i disable the plugin without losing my work? if i disable it from plugin section my site don’t works. Thank you


this mean you add plugin function inside template file in theme you need to remove it