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Hi, I am considering to buy your script, but do you plan any update ?

Hi Babahed,

Sure, we plan to release updates with fixes and with new features.

My Linux server, you must have some special settings? I’ve never worked with that framework CodeIgniter. if the answer is negative. I just have to upload the files to my server? Thanks.

Hi andreitabc, your server doesn’t need special settings for this app to work. Just upload it on your server and run the installation wizard.

I am wondering, I like the plugin bug is there a options on billing, and giving estimates through the system

Dear I tried to ask question in my previous email , maybe i was not clear enough,. Here I am writing you again. I have some pre-Purchase questions:

1: How can create projects and assign the employee to the client’s project?

2: Can manager or administrator create and assign one employee to one client and restrict the employee to see other projects, clients and messages ? ofcourse sometimes you do not want your employees to know all of your clients.

3: Does your product provide the branding like to change the logo on the client dashboard, make a post date invoice, etc?

4: Is that possible to show the client balance in client dashboard , sometimes client can pay upfront so they should see the balance in their dashboard to pay the future invoices. Possible?

5: A client should only see his own project and the employee assigned to him. Is that what your product offer ?

6: Do you offer ticket system in the product? Can I client have multiple logins on one project? For example if a client is a company and their two department wants to monitor the project , they can ask for two different login for one account.

5: Do you provide installation services ? Is it free or you will charge?

Dear usmankhanniazi, did you checked the demo version, to see how it works and what you can do? A simple answer would be a “Yes” on about 80% of your questions.


Yes I checked the demo, and would you please tell me what are the the function which the script can not perform from above asked questions?

And would you also provide the installation?

I am comparing 5 scripts and I will chose the one which will be closer to the needs

Yes, the item has an installation wizard and also an installation guide. If you have trouble installing the script, I will help you for free.

1. Please check the demo version, there you’ll see how to create a project and how to assign it to client

2. The employee sees only the assigned tasks from different projects. He does’t sees any other projects/clients.

3. Not sure what you’re asking but you can change the current logo with yours.

4. Please login as Client (client/client) in demo version to see the client’s dashboard.

5. Yes, the client sees only his project and the assigned employee/developer

6. Yes, the item has a support ticket system, please check demo version. Yes, client can have multiple login accounts.

Hello, your script looks good, but there a few bugs… did you plan to fix these bugs?

Bugs: - after creating project / task it stay on the site - cancel button by create new project / task are useless, no function - in task you can’t edit/delete an answer, but you can edit/delete the whole task - in “costs” there only accept ”.” instead of ”,” ... in germany we use ”,”

That bugs i see in the demo, i think there are many more when i work with it.

Whishing: - “real” time tracking per task, sum in project (play, pause, stop button) - change / add prioritys

Hope you read and answer :)

bye Tobi

How difficult would it be to add user registration?

I am considering purchasing, but that is a hard requirement for my project. I do have programming experience, just haven’t worked with codeigniter.

Hi hugocub, it’s not so difficult.

Also, must you use the API to create a ticket? I don’t see any options to create a ticket when you’re logged into the clients account.

I’m not really sure what you are asking me? Please read the documentation to see how the ticket system works. You can check this website where a API script is inetgrated –

hi, nice job its possible to make task for multiple day (recurrent) for example if i add a task for date : 01/11/2015 i want option of recurring, task repeat 3 time in the month or one time every week or 3 time in week for every month etc , because i want to work with your project in another use.

thank you.

Hello I am setup your application as per instruction mentioned in documentation but after setup when I try to login on screen no action happen, also I saw when I click on sam/recover link, it show message “The requested URL /sam/recover was not found on this server.”. Please advice me.

Hi koushai, Did you uploaded the .htaccess file, as well? If yes, please send me an email with your FTP details.

Hello I sent you email please response on same.

Demo does not work

Demo’s back :)

demo error

I have uploaded the files through ftp, but not able to load the installation process. I have gotten “Error 500 – Internal Server Error” Please advise me. Thanks.

Hi, when a task is completed thet is not showing on “My TASKS” in section “Completed Tasks”. I see that on your demo vertion is not show it too, How can I fix it? regards.

Thanks I get it. something was wrong on my browser. Regards

Hi, how Can I add more file types for attachment? Regards

When is PHP7 Support following?

Hello, I am trying to install but I got this message: ‘Your config file does not appear to be formatted correctly.’

Please take a look here:

Hi Imourabraga,

Please send an email with your issue using the contact form, from the right –

After installed the system was working fine but now it shows this: “Disallowed Key Characters. wp-settings-time-1”

what is that?

Do you offer customization service?

You should really update this project or terminate it, it’s causing a lot of error’s when running in PHP 5.6 or above.

Pre-sale: Do you plan adding invoices managment in near future?

Hi, the live preview doesn’t work. Can you fix that?

It’s working now