SAM Pro Lite

SAM Pro Lite

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SAM Pro Lite is the easy to use plugin that provides a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.


  • Flexible logic of the banners rotation based on the ad weight and the restrictions
  • Two types of the ad rotation (by page refresh and by timer).
  • Scheduling and limitations by impressions/clicks. Total, monthly, weekly, daily limitations for impressions and clicks are available.
  • Three-level geotargeting (country, region, city) based on web services (MaxMind, DB-IP) or your own database.
  • Restrictions by the site page types.
  • Restrictions by posts/pages ids, categories, tags, custom taxonomies terms, custom post types.
  • The automatic embedding of ads into the content of posts/pages and archives.
  • Any type of ads (Image, Flash, JS, PHP, etc.) supported
  • Outputting using widgets, shortcodes and functions is available.
  • Customizable accuracy of the bots and crawlers detection
  • Full statistics of the impressions and clicks
  • Safe data migration from the SAM Free plugin.
  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) supported (GPT and GAM)
  • Any caching plugins supported
  • bbPress supported
  • Wptouch supported
  • Addons API
  • Auto updating using Envato API
  • Localization ready


  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • Wordpress 4.1 (4.3+ recommended)
  • PHP Memory Limit: at least 128Mb (256Mb recommended)
  • PHP Max Execution Time: at least 45 sec.
  • WP Memory Limit: at least 128Mb (256Mb recommended)

  • The bug of Zone Editor has been fixed
  • The Place Container and Block Line styles helpers have been added
  • The positioning of Ad Objects has been improved
  • tinyMCE bug has been fixed
  • The bug of encryption/decryption has been fixed
  • Some minor bugs have been resolved
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • Possibility of using a rules for the Single Ad Object has been added
  • Deprecated methods of Mcrypt have been replaced with OpenSSL methods (PHP 7.0 warnings)
  • Visual representation of ads has been improved
  • Some bugs in JS scripts have been resolved
  • DB-IP v2.0 support has been added
  • MaxMind MMDB database support has been added
  • The bug (unlogged user) has been fixed
  • New functions to main plugin object have been added
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • Plugin API has been improved
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • Some changes to improve safety
  • Some changes for preventing Local File Inclusion (LFI) vulnerability have been made
  • Bugs of the rules for the tags and the homepage have been fixed
  • The bug of the interface on the statistics page in Google Chrome has been fixed
  • The problem with the empty dates has been solved
  • The minor bug of geo targeting has been solved
  • The bug of the Block randomized items has been resolved
  • The third-party library has been upgraded
  • The Statistics Chart has been improved
  • The Settings Page has been improved
  • The third-party software has been updated
  • The bug on advertiser list is fixed
  • The bug on the statistics page is fixed
  • Some changes by security reasons
  • Wordpress 4.6 ready
  • Possible vulnerability was excluded
  • Addons API improved
  • The minor bug of an upgrading from SAM Pro Free plugin is resolved.
  • Randomization of Block (Ads Grid) items is added.
  • Resolved: The bug of transient data with some date formats
  • Resolved: The bug of outputting ads
  • Inline ads added
  • Custom Taxonomies Terms Restrictions for pages added
  • Interface improved
  • Added support for Google AdSense page-level ads for mobile devices
  • Addons API improved
  • Some bugs fixed
  • The bug of changing maintenance date fixed
  • The bug of outputting HTML5 banner fixed
  • Interface improved
  • Some interface improvements
  • Several minor bugs fixed
  • Added automatic upgrade of the plugin from Wordpress admin side.
  • Fixed bug of send reports by e-mail
  • Data grids (admin side) navigation improved
  • Ad adaptivity added
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • The bug of the showing Zone as item of Block is resolved.
  • Disabling ad serving on a page added
  • Statistics for individual ad is added
  • Made some improvements
  • Addons API added
  • Some bugs is resolved
  • Some improvements
  • Increased level of security for AJAX requests
  • Made changes to work correctly under PHP 7
  • Added filtering in the data grids
  • Generating unique custom classes for ads added
  • HTML5 type of ads added
  • Sending Ad Approving Mail to advertiser added
  • Advertiser Statistics Page added
  • Tool buttons of special short codes added to MCE editor
  • Ad rotation by time was added.
  • Improved: Possibility of executing the Ad Editor from Linked Ads data grid (Places Page, Place Editor Page) added.
  • Solved: Error of calculating CTR corrected.
  • Solved: Minor bug of Migrate Data resolved.
  • Solved: Some minor bugs corrected.
  • Improved: Statistics page was changed. Views (“All” and “For Sale”) were added.
  • Solved: Minor bug is resolved.
  • Initial Upload