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Hi Rupen, I have purchased this item and i am not able to do any set up. I am not able to register or login. I have already contacted you on skype and via email. Please reply and help me set it up.

Please confirm you got this working.

Thank you for sending updated files. I will try to set it up today and reply soon.

The example not work, I need to see the administrative panel and app. Can you fix this?

I do not recommend dealing with him he was a crook Only gets the money and does not work Rating of customers is the evidence The dialogue between us is the evidence https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-bacend-cms-coded-with-native-android/18474824/comments

Thieves returned my money

This crook stole my money I transferred $ 500 to complete the project and did not do the work and Does not want to return the money

Hello, I have purchased this item and i can’t find ‘hairpress’ theme in archieve file and how to setup facebook api for login for this app… thanks

ok..please email me after you update document.. i’m still confusing for how to change services status from inactive become active..(in admin menu Tap N Style > Services). and then how to change country code in mobile number in Artist Form still in admin menu tap n style.

Thanks a lot

I understand how ever for urgent assistance you can chat where if required we can ask our developer if problem is not fixed . Its up to you .

Thanks, please fix php file in api folder to get data from database and javascript to set status not working..

Hi I am looking at getting this app and theme. I want to use it for booking something different though. Sports facilities. Do you think with some modifications it could be used for this? How easy is it to modify the elements on the app and wordpress? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Adam


Vensss Purchased

I can not find the ”hairpress” folder on the package? could uyou please give me the correct installation process.

For those who facing problems we offer installation on their server for free . Just upload all files and give us ftp and we fixin few min for you . My Skype is in readme .

Can i have a real example of this platform?i means a website succes?Thanks

Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) for live demos and we can demo you offline .

Hi guys, 1 month and I completly rewrite whole code, without that it is not possible run. If you see there some positive feedback,it is most likely because of his fake feedbacks. This guy have no idea about this, he probably does not even know how basic php/sql stuff working. What I have now done to get it work? -> I deleted whole worpress stuff and create own CMS to run that (for providers) -> Rebuild all DB tables and added some fields -> Rebuild whole include folder -> Fixed errors and versions and grandle problems -> Fixed currency ->Changed slider in apps, colors and completly removed all their shit. -> Changed payment gateway (securetrading.com) to Stripe & PayPal

and more..

Basicaly this have nothing to do with ready to run soluction. If you contact “author” :-) about customization or install you will maybe get it to work someway, but remember on me – this version will far a way from really working version due to chaos, crazy code, bugs etc. You can contact me at: webextra@mail.com

CMS admin link and Android app are not working . Please prove latest version. Is this app push notification ? Do your app and theme support SMS &Email notification about order ,status to customer and vendor?

Hi I purchased this product, I can not configure it,

Hello , Give me few days ( 5~7 days ) we will be starting free installation for every one due to this much people complaining about code . I want to update you that many people were able to get this working how ever we have decided to start offering free installation for every one who buy this . I am making a checklist of things required for us to install this app and once its ready i will update in description page .

We want maximum people to use this product and this is our 7 months of hardwork .

Thanks R

This statement is contradicting with what you are telling me on Skype: on skype you are asking me to pay for the support., and you want me to bet that your solution works; should I wait for the 7 days???> ;)

Yes to install this code on your server we need below details , Please send me all this details to my email address .

1. We need cloud server where we can ssh and install all software . In short we need ssh access for cloud server . Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS Version OS installed . If you give us godaddy or digitalocean we will create the cloud server for you and set up every thing for you,.

2. We need twillio access for sending one time password for mobile number validation’s .

3. We need clients Facebook user name and password for login with facebook sdk integraiton which you are seeing that in home page .

4. We need client twitter user name and password for login with twitter sdk integraiton which you are seeing that in home page .

5. We need gmail email address which we can use to send email from ex noreply-247taxi@gmail.com along with their password .

6. We need timezone ( country ) where client want to run this applicaiton for . 7. We need currency ( Ex : EURO ) etc . 8. We need Paypal user name and password for the account which money will be transferred to when user pay for ride . ( Pro version user ) 9. We need Brain Tree user name and password for the account which money will be transferred to when user pay for ride . ( Pro version user ) 10. We need the current location where you want map to zoom in currently ( for admin to see default cars ) ( Pro version user )

11. We need Playstore account for configuring firebase ( Pro version user ) 12. We need your appstore account for configuring push message ( Pro version user ) 14. Name of user and Driver app 15. Name of User App

Note : Before sending kindly check this details once again so that we dont waste time in going back and forth and every thing will go smooth .

Delivery from US : 1. Server side code set up and deployed on your server ( Latest code ) 2. iOS Source code which points to your server and all your credential configured . 3. Android source code which points to your server and all your credential configured .

Further to this any thing else will be chargeable and will cost you extra

This is my second time commenting this Product; I checked with Rupen on Skype but all am asking for help he is saying I should pay him,. The codes are not working and I need him to give me missing files he is saying I need to pay more:::: A simple Advice, rupen Make sure u dont play with us, we pay our money based on assurance that solution is complete and the 29$ was the cost now why have u uploaded part of the files??? and you are not friendly you only bargain for Money; We customers need to be happy for you to keep selling more; Am not happy at all and I will raise a dispute if this is not resolved in 72 hours.


if you threat some one , using unprofessional language on skype do you think you get support ?

Do you allow me to disclose the SKYPE conversation on this forum from Day 1 When I started Asking for Support??

Please go ahead and do that that :) This is the basic php code my friend if you think you cannot install this then i have nothing to say . Write any thing you want .

Hi, I want to use this for multi salon. Can I use this?

please share your details requirement at rupen@techintegrity.in and we can take it further from here.

The example not work , plz fix it

i really want to buy this app but i saw some bad comments about you. its too bad that codecanyon aloow to anyone sell in this website. if someone want to open a new website like this but with good sellers i like to be his partner. i spen about 200 sollars on things that not working, all i say is if you want to buy something from this website check the comments first….

Good to hear your feedback . First of all there are people who were able to install same code using the same document which means that code is functioning and it has no problem . Also for those people who were not able to install the code we install the code for them at the price which they dont want to spend and at the price codes are getting sold no authour can offer free installation because it takes about half a day to configure cloud server other then installation of code and set up is all different . So its up to you to decide . But for people who has basic knowledge of technology can set this up . I hope that helps .

Hi, im also considering buying this, but I download the demo for android and I couldn’t register in order to access the app. I also tried to access de webadmin and doesn’t exists. Could you set it up to work in order to buy.

Thank you.

Greetings, buy the product but I can not find the theme of the installation document. The other is that there are errors in the plug-in, Tap N style. I can not register an artist and categories are disabled. There are javascript issues. Is there any update? Please I require your help. Thank you!

The app doesn’t work. I can’t even register or login. Beware before buying.

Server is down check back after soem time