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Hi Rupen, I have purchased this item and i am not able to do any set up. I am not able to register or login. I have already contacted you on skype and via email. Please reply and help me set it up.

Please confirm you got this working.

Thank you for sending updated files. I will try to set it up today and reply soon.

The example not work, I need to see the administrative panel and app. Can you fix this?

I do not recommend dealing with him he was a crook Only gets the money and does not work Rating of customers is the evidence The dialogue between us is the evidence https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-bacend-cms-coded-with-native-android/18474824/comments

Thieves returned my money

This crook stole my money I transferred $ 500 to complete the project and did not do the work and Does not want to return the money

Hello, I have purchased this item and i can’t find ‘hairpress’ theme in archieve file and how to setup facebook api for login for this app… thanks

ok..please email me after you update document.. i’m still confusing for how to change services status from inactive become active..(in admin menu Tap N Style > Services). and then how to change country code in mobile number in Artist Form still in admin menu tap n style.

Thanks a lot

I understand how ever for urgent assistance you can chat where if required we can ask our developer if problem is not fixed . Its up to you .

Thanks, please fix php file in api folder to get data from database and javascript to set status not working..

Hi I am looking at getting this app and theme. I want to use it for booking something different though. Sports facilities. Do you think with some modifications it could be used for this? How easy is it to modify the elements on the app and wordpress? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Adam


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I can not find the ”hairpress” folder on the package? could uyou please give me the correct installation process.

For those who facing problems we offer installation on their server for free . Just upload all files and give us ftp and we fixin few min for you . My Skype is in readme .

Can i have a real example of this platform?i means a website succes?Thanks

Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) for live demos and we can demo you offline .


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Hi guys, 1 month and I completly rewrite whole code, without that it is not possible run. If you see there some positive feedback,it is most likely because of his fake feedbacks. This guy have no idea about this, he probably does not even know how basic php/sql stuff working. What I have now done to get it work? -> I deleted whole worpress stuff and create own CMS to run that (for providers) -> Rebuild all DB tables and added some fields -> Rebuild whole include folder -> Fixed errors and versions and grandle problems -> Fixed currency ->Changed slider in apps, colors and completly removed all their shit. -> Changed payment gateway (securetrading.com) to Stripe & PayPal

and more..

Basicaly this have nothing to do with ready to run soluction. If you contact “author” :-) about customization or install you will maybe get it to work someway, but remember on me – this version will far a way from really working version due to chaos, crazy code, bugs etc. You can contact me at: webextra@mail.com

CMS admin link and Android app are not working . Please prove latest version. Is this app push notification ? Do your app and theme support SMS &Email notification about order ,status to customer and vendor?