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Good evening, the idea looks good, has admin demo? Adds new script automatically every day?

- Antonio http://www.codecanyon.com.br/

Hi. Antonio yes the script is 100% automatic it adds everytime envato changes items, the admin as no demo due to privacy

Nice script, but you can add pagination here: http://yourover.com/affiliatepro/codecanyon.php and on some other pages.

Good luck with sales and happy holidays! :)

Thanks you also happy holidays! ;) I see what i can do but is not a prommis

Any change to set the categories ? For example only Wordpress themes and plugins ? Fijne feestdagen alvast man :)

Ohh… rss feeds ?

Nee dit script maakt geen gebruik van rss feeds alles komt realtime direct binnen via de envato api v3 je hoeft dus geen rss links te zoeken of te adden ;)

Ok klinkt goed, ik zoek alleen iets om automatisch naar twitter te posten. Super script , you rock!

Thank you for your plugin! Unfortunately I have forgotten my admin-password. Where can I find it? Thanks in advance.

Correction: Thank you for your super script! :) Is there a support forum?

Thanks for purchase just overwrite the config/ folder your login wil be admin admin again ;)

Again thank you that work. Could you add a pagination feature? It would be great.

I keep getting permission denied messages. Can you list all files/directories that need write permissions?

please sent me a pm

Hi this looks good. I would like to see feature, where one could refer a client to a particular url on my own site, that has the advertisement instead of them having to scroll to find the item, is that possible?

sorry this is not possible the items change from time to time

hi nice script :) bought it. i installed the item but sumtimes the script doesnt load the images…

also another thing…how can i put themeforest items on index.php?? ie on the homepage??

Thanks a lot :):)

url is here: http://webshop.focusacutus.com

hii Speeky :) hope you are doing great! ohh okay yeah i dont wanna show codecanyon items :) also can i just remove pages without affecting the script?? thanks a lot :)

hi, Speeky it shows Sorry, but there was a problem connecting to the API. constantly from evening without me doing anything?? what can be the problem???

yes you can take out pages but it’s not a easy task, if items not show up check my demo site if there also show up noting its envato, or you did messup the code ;)

Is this still alive and working? Have there been any updates since its release?


I just installed, nothing but errors.

Sent a message via your profile.

Hi, Just replyed to your email, thanks

Hmm, I thought that I had written another reply here about the issue, and what I did to address it.

Anyway, I ended up having to downgrade my version of PHP, back to 5.3.29 I was running 5.4.8, which is what the errors seemed to be caused by. I was hoping to run this with PHP 5.5, or newer.

Can the program be updated, to work with more modern versions of PHP?

OK, playing with this for a bit, my first question is this. How can I write, a review of an item? Is that even possible?

You can use the addspot to write, a small review but there is no real option for it, also the items are updated on autopilot

It would make for a nice upgrade then. Add in the ability to add a review to any item, once it appears on the site. It’s supposed to be a review site right?

An effort should be made to make the Admin portion of the program, part of the online demo. Without it, you are only given 1/2 of the program to demo.

If I would have been allowed to see the Admin portion of the program, I may have passed on this program, or at least, I would have asked some more questions, prior to purchasing.

you can ask envato for a refund if this is where your looking for, But please read the documentation and test the demos first, before you buy something This is NOT a review portal it’s a affiliate script.

Nope, not looking for a refund.

That’s the point I was trying to make, I thought that I had, read the docs, and tested the demo. :\

I understand that it is NOT, a review portal, and that it is an affiliate script. I just believe that the program has a ton of potential, and could be, so much more, and better.

Ok il see what i can do in the next update ;) Thanks

There is no way to search?

No not yet maybe in the next update then i will also consider all other improvements or options you ask for No ETA yet No prommis, and please use only one topic to post in

Sorry, I just thought that I was missing something, not seeing a search feature.

As soon as i have finished my other projects i go start working on improvements and more features if they are possible (Stay tuned)

Hello, I am having problems. I reinstalled the program, and now, nothing works at all it seems.

I can log into the admin, but it does nothing, and won’t show anything, no matter what I try to do.

On the front page, it does display, “Sorry, but there was a problem connecting to the API.” What does that mean? I have not even done the settings yet.

Using other browsers, it’s the same.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, envato made some changes to this api i try to find a fix for this but still no joy http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/envato-marketplaces-api-did-i-miss-some-changes/150638

im working on the fix i think that i found it ;)

Installed the update, thank you.

I still get the same message on the front page as earlier, and when I get to the Admin, and go to settings, it partially opens, and there is this, “Notice: Undefined variable: domainname in /home/istarcom/public_html/inc/Envato_marketplaces.php on line 377 Could not retrieve data.”

can you send me a PM with your url so i can look at it http://codecanyon.net/user/speeky

V1.2 is now Queued for Review ;)

I have the same problem. :(

Hi, bookman2 can you send me a PM so i can send you the fix http://themeforest.net/user/speeky

V1.2 is now Queued for Review ;)

Installed V1.2

Front page still displays “Sorry, but there was a problem connecting to the API.”

In Admin, in Settings, at the bottom, it says, “Could not retrieve data.” and I can not save any settings.

I think I have a general problem with the envato api, or the host it is on. I have other programs that use the envato api, and they as well are not working now. One author say it is envato blocking access to the api. I am working with envato support (slow) now.

I will put this program on hold right now until I make some headway with envato support, then revisit this, to see if I still have any issues.

Thanks for all the help, it is appreciated.

Fixed. Host was being blocked.

Glad you got it fixed, Enjoy ;)

Now everything works! Speeky, you are the Best!! Many thanks!

Thanks,,Your welcome ;)

on Settings, Could not retrieve data.

How this script works?

Does it pull all the items from envato like from ThemeForest?