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would I be able to set up the following formula. An rep earns 15% first sale of a customer, 10% for sales under $360 and 11% $400 in sales and over $476 is 12% is this doable with your system?

Yes, but you have to sightly change current calculation, if you know php/codeigniter, you can do it easily, or you can hire someone


Followed all Installation Instructions But its sending Error

Inserted db credentials: http://prntscr.com/d3rj7d Imported dbhttp://prntscr.com/d3riap, All OK.

Still Error: http://prntscr.com/d3ri05

Please revert on the bugs, i mentioned in email conversation. I shall appreciate the fast response on this.

It will be great if you send us details in private message

Best regards

I already sent to you before writing here, Please check inbox.

I’m unable to view the preview, getting Error Number: 1364

It may appear for scheduled resetting this application

Please try again


Hi! were can i find the instructions or tutorial for installation?

Find it but now is this problem:

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘xxxxxxxx_samssoft.ci_sessions’ doesn’t exist

SELECT `data` FROM `ci_sessions` WHERE `id` = ‘45b297ac517939b134b7ebd7a4a0a9e96fcfe9b5’

Filename: libraries/Session/drivers/Session_database_driver.php

Line Number: 160

demo not working


It’s working, please check. Sometimes error will come during auto reset

Best regards

After I login I encounter: “404 Page Not Found” at /Dashboard. Any help is appreciated.

The httpd.conf has the mode_rewrite enabled. The .htaccess file exists in the root directory. But I still can’t go past the login screen.

Please Send us your site url and admin info in personal message, we will see it

Hi again, Now I uploaded the package to a server. But when I login now the page does not ho anywhere. No errors reported. What is the admin username and password that comes with product? Thank you for your attention

The URL is: http://localhost:8080/sams/index.php What admin info you need?

Can I use the system even if the internet goes down?

No, its require internet

Hello. I can’t use the demo site well. Can you help me?

I can’t do any insert operation on your apps. in example :

Insert new invoice: http://prnt.sc/euppoe Insert new agent : http://prnt.sc/eupr5r

Seems your system is great.

Thank you for your interest

Could you please check now? it was a issue with our server, we’ve fixed now

Best regards

Thanks. It work perfectly. Can you please reset the data and left only one admin without any member and any category.

and also I have some question 1. Do you have the identification number (ID) to identify if this new agent already registered? We can use Citizen Card Number, etc. 2. Is the system support the Multi Level Network? 3. Can we have see the diagram of the MLM?

Thanks a lot brother. Good work.


Demo data just only for showing, we can’t remove it right now

This is not a MLM system, but you can make it MLM by customizing

Best regards


Is the plugin compatible with the latest version of Wordpress?



Its a individual script based on Codeigniter

Best regards

I tried to check your demo, but the login doesn’t work. Are these the correct login and password?

Admin: user name: admin@example.com pass: 123456



Seems its working and checked just now. Please check again

URL: https://demo.themeqx.com/sams/dashboard

Email: admin@example.com

pass: 123456

Best regards

why dashboard can’t show after login, it direct to a 404 not found page, for information, i already installed sams to subdomain http://telkomsel.ancojaya.co.id

please check is there. .htaccess exist, or contact us personally with url

best regards

okay done! i’ve change installed directory to main directory, it’s not work in subdomain directory

why I can’t delete sales? how to remove that?

I want to customize this software, can you help me?


is it possible to translate SAMS with some free plugin? If yes, do you have some suggestions about which plugin use?


Please comment with your purchasing id

Best regards

I can’t access the demo.

and sorry for newbie question.. How can i install the script? i prefer to make a subdomain for the script. please guide me. thanks in advance


Just checked, its working. Please try again


email: admin@example.com pass: 123456

how can i install the script?

docs included with package.

please download after purchase.

best regards

Hi there I have purchased your software and it is working

If possible ill appreciate feedback

Is it possible for agent to automatically register at the moment new registration are saved as users

Is it possible to have ongoing or recurring commission on a product sell thank you in advance


Is this project still active it has been 7 days no rep[ly


Have you posted it to our forums? if not, please asked it to https://themeqx.com/forums

Our technical team will help you

Best regards

Hello, I saw that there are no features, you can not manage the fees for each agent, agents can not enter customer details, must enter the product manually, you will enter these functions? thank you so much

Thank you for your suggestion, we will try

Best regards


Can your system do : 1. Agent register User 2. Admin assign different commision for different agent



To achieve these features, you need to get customized.

Best regards

I need to customise the following feature, can you do it? How to get in touch with you?

1. I only need admin function, no need agent and user. All sales will be key in by admin

2. In product sales, admin should select an agent as customer then proceed to key in product price, category and commission.

3. In earning page, column Sales By should become the agent name. Also show the info presented in Invoice page such as quantity and total price.

4. In earning page, allow filter by date from and date to

5. In earning page, after filtering allow export records to csv

Please contact us by visiting our website contact page https://www.themeqx.com/contact-us/ and send your all of requirements

Best regards

hi, i would like to purchase this system for my woocomerce website. i want to ask if the system can be integrate with the sale from my website. for example, if an agent log in from my website they make a purchase of a product, will your system record the purchase?


This application based on PHP codeigniter, you can’t integrate with woocommerce.

Best regards