Discussion on Salah | React Native Muslim Prayer & Lifestyle

Discussion on Salah | React Native Muslim Prayer & Lifestyle

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The demo link is not working. Can you please share the new link? Also, will you be providing any update in the near future?

If you want a demo link. You can ask me on Whatsapp bro, don’t have time yet to update the link. InshAllah there will br an update, but I don’t know yet when.

Insha Allah. Please share your whatsapp number.

+6282273138788 here it is bro.

Asslam-o-alaikum! what’s the difference between regular and extended license , and it’s based on firebase or we need a apache or another server or hosting can you guide me please

Wa’alaikumsalaam. Regular licence is that you buy the item and configure it yourself, and extended licence is that tou buy the item and I can guide you if you have any questions regarding deployment, and codes. Tou don’t need apache, you can host the firestore db in gcp.

Hi I recently purchased your project but facing some errors in expo. Can you help me to run this on my local machine.

Hi, the project is built with react cli, NOT Expo. Please, read the guidance to install it.

is there any way we can add social post option with in the app for community post ?

Yes. But you need to add the functionality yourself.

The qibla direction feature is not working, and the masjid finder doesn’t work as well.

Please whatsapp me for further guidance.

Qibla direction and masjid finder is not working, and whats the function of broadcasting ?

You can remove the btoadcasting if you don’t need it. It’s for Khutba Broadcasting for a client before.

Demo link not clickable

Demo link can’t be clicked

Please, whatsapp me and I’ll send the link, +6282273138788

Why don’t you update it again sir? I want to buy it. Is this code still supported this year for the next few years?

Yes, it is still supported.

Salam brother where i set up my firebase database for the muslim app?

I got couple of question, where the event and broadcast come from ? Does the app support ads ?

Broadcast is coming from my server, or you can set up your own rtmp server instead, event is only UI/UX, the Admin Panel is available for Premium Licence.

No, the app doesn’t support ads. If you want it supports add, we can do it.

Please, leave me an email for further information.

Hi bro, i wanna buy your app but when i tried to run it in my phone (android 9) i was able to see just the quran

do you have any idea ?

Hi bro. Can I have your email? I will send you an apk to test to see how it is looks.

salam brother nice app,i want to add Swedish language in quran translation?is this possable and also want to know that is this app code updated to android x and will work on all devices in android

Salaam brother, yes of course if you have an api for swedish translations. And yes, the app is built on React Native 0.6x and AndroidX.

Hello my friend, I need to customize the app. Can I have your email address?

Hi bro, you can reach me at

hi dev im from iran We are boycotting America, and cannot paying source code app If you can, give me a free source code tnx

You can pay it personally. Just leave me a message. There is a bunch of payment methods out there that we can use.

Hi is it the price for both android and iOS app and can I add multiple languages in this app

Can we order with our logo and color?

Sure, but the cost will not be the same as the one in this website.

does it come with detail documentation?

Sure brother,

@archlabs I have purchased the project but while try run the project getting following error and stop :

> Task :app:processDebugGoogleServices FAILED Parsing json file: D:\AndroidDev\salah-react-native-muslim-prayer-lifestyle\main\MuslimLifestyle\android\app\google-services.json

Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 6.0.

Please let me know if i need to follow additional steps to fix it.

It supposed to be no additional steps. Btw, can you check google-services.json, is it there? Do you follow the Documentation correctly?

thanks, yep, the problem was fixed after executed “gradlew clean” command from android. I think several biggest/important things missing on your document e.g. you did not mention too to replace your firebase stetting to replace by ours. now every time users register its saving your database. please update the document or let me know what, where to replace your configuration with ours

It would be nice if the application has an administration panel and can change the language of the app to other languages

I have considered adding this functionality. The app will has a language setting in the app for the next update. Thanks, by the way.

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)



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