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Interesting plugins, but why the author do not answer?

What was changed in the recent update. I had to make a number of my own modifications to get this thing working properly.

Also – has anyone noticed that when you delete a tour, it is still appearing in the search results !!

If this plugin were properly supported, it would be great. At the moment, there is no way I could recommend this to anyone, and that is a real shame.

hy, i bought the plugin. can you give me the plugin for the stripe payment compatible with this plugin please?


I would like to purchase this plugin. Is everything updated and working properly? Is Stripe integrated into this plugin as promoted? If yes to all my inquiries I will be purchasing.

Want to buy this is there is more recent updates and support, seems author has moved on…sad.

HI, i have 2 issue: - one with ssl, over https the checkout take almost 1 minute for the ajax answer. without ssl it takes 5sec ? - paypal payment: why if i pay and click “back to store” button the satus doesn’t change to “completed” but stays “waiting” ?

thank you in advance

another bug: for the reservation marked as “waiting” if i, from admin panel, force them marked as “completed” the sits in the calendar is still free. the sits doesn’t update even if a mark a reservation as “rejected” or if i cancel it.

This comes very close to what I am looking for. Too bad it’s not Woocommerce based, and that the author doesn’t seem to be very supportive…

Its like the developer got so rich and STOPPED Supporting the plugin. Please respond to people’s needs

Otherwise is the plugin responsive?

Thank you

Does the develop still exist?

I am thinking about purchasing your software…

I want to create a site that offers tours. They will leave 2x per day (say 8-1pm and 11am – 4pm).

The way it is set up the same person can drive both tours (morning tour drops people off at destination and lets them wander, goes back to hotels to pick up afternoon tour, drops them at destination, picks up morning tour, drops at hotel, picks up afternoon tour to drop-off).

Is there a way to set your software to have a specific start time? We want people to only book starting at 8am and 11am for 5 hour tours.

Can it be done with the same Staff Member or would l need to create a second staff member for the second tour since the times overlap?

Also, there is room for up to 5 people per trip. If 1 person books I want it to show that there are still 4 spots available. If they are all full I want it to block off the time. Can this be done?

Hi I really interested with your plugin, but please can you tell me, is this plugin available for my member list their business with? I mean if someone want to sell their tour product on my website is it possible or not?


Hello, I can’t seem to create a booking on the calendar in the back end. It means I can’t use the plugin to take bookings. Does any one know how I can trouble shoot this problem. I have deactivated other plugins to get it to work, but that has not resolved the issue. Any advice?

my website is wwww.southerncrosssailing.com

Warning! – Please dont purchase this product.

I have been a purchasee of codecanyon products for the last three years. This is the first time I have been disappointed with Codecanyon. But it is my own fault for not reading through the notes before purchasing.

It does say that there is no support for this product. But why would codecanyon still have this listed when it must be obvious to them that there are issues with the product? Doing so gives all other developers a bad name and and creates anxiety/doubt of future purchases. The product is full of holes and bugs unfortunately. Please people, save your money. Dont buy it. Pretty disappointing really. Peter

Hello, it is possible to do the payment through credit card? Thanks!

Hello. I’m looking for a special kind of plugin, which can manages multi reservation, more than 9 differente places with many time slot. And I also want to know what are the different types of payment included. Thanks you

Presale question : Does the plugin support woocommerce, and if not , will it be included in the future releases ?

I updated my Wordpress site to 4.4.2 and now parts of this plugin are no longer working. If you are considering purchasing this – then don’t !! Just look for something else as the developer seems to have totally given up on this.


I would like to buy this, but I want to integrate my bank payment gateway. It is also a woo plugin

Hi, I would like to buy the pulgin but before that i need to view live demo to confirm its better for me or not. Once i clicked on book now its shows following url and shows 404 http://demo.sathemes.com/sabooking/?post_type=tour&p=210 Please advice.

shlomy Purchased

Warning! – Please dont purchase this product. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!