SaaS Theme for Premium URL Shortener

SaaS Theme for Premium URL Shortener

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SaaS Theme is the perfect theme for Premium URL Shortener SaaS version. It comes with many unique features including a dedicated control panel in the admin panel where you can change the skin, control testimonials and your corporate address.

Live Demo

You can test the script using the following credentials. This is an admin and a user account. Once logged in, simply click “Admin” at the top to access the admin panel. Please note that the demo will reset each week.

Free User Account

Email/Username: / user

Password: userpass

Admin Account

Email/Username: / admin

Password: adminpass

Main Page Login Page

Sample Short URL with Splash

Sample Stat Page

Custom Splash

As a purchaser of my products, you are entitled to free support. If you have a question, I would be happy to answer it. Also if you need a quick hint, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please don’t forget to follow me and to rate this awesome script  :)


Premium URL Shortener 5.4+

Change log

Version 1.7 - 12/09/2020
+ Added Missing link to Report Page
+ Added Missing field for avatar
+ Fixed File structure

Version 1.6 - 11/09/2020
+ Update to 5.9

Version 1.5 - 06/06/2020
+ Fixed bugs (Release browser cache!)

Version 1.4 - 24/05/2020
+ Update to 5.8

Version 1.3 - 17/10/2019
+ Update to 5.6.3

Version 1.2 - 05/10/2019
+ Update to 5.6

Version 1.1 - 11/04/2019
+ Fixed PayPal link bug (upgrade.php - checkout.php)
+ Fixed pricing page responsiveness bug (upgrade.php)