SA Tech Jobs Manager (for WordPress)

SA Tech Jobs Manager (for WordPress)

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One of the best job management WordPress plugins out there. Its usage is equally practical for both companies, and individual recruiters. Use our powerful and easy to use plugin for setting job openings page on your website.

Make your recruitment process smooth and easy

We developed this plugin after carefully analyzing the needs of our clients across the globe. It will single-handedly reduce a great deal of extra time spent on recruitment.

  1. Set-up a job listing page on your site with ease.
  2. Perform multiple actions related to hiring and recruitment from a single platform.

Post job ads in a blink of an eye

  1. Have too many job openings? No problem! Post as many job ads as you like.
  2. Add unlimited job categories
  3. Specify job location and salary, so only relevant people apply
  4. Add an expiration date so the job ad is automatically removed from the site after the expiration date is over (date can be changed later on if needed)
  5. Make job ads active/inactive with one click
  6. Delete one or multiple job ads with one click

Want your client or a colleague to receive an email every time a new application is submitted?

Use our cc and bcc function to email application details to your clients and colleagues.

Use different currency symbols on different job openings.

We understand that some of you will have offices across different continents and keeping that in mind we have given you the power to choose different currency symbols for different job ads.

Want applicants/candidates to apply for the job at a different website?

Sure thing. While adding a new job opening, just enter the link where the applicant should land when they click on the apply button.

(If the external link field is empty, then a job form will appear when an applicant clicks on the apply button)

Would you like your applicants to see a certain name and email address when they receive an email from you?

No worries! On the settings page, we have given you the option to write the name and email address which should appear when you send emails to the applicants. The plugin will then start sending emails using that name and email.

Don’t want to give the HR guy access to your entire site?

No issue at all. Add a new user and assign him the SA Job HR role. This user will only have access to the jobs plugin, not the entire site.

Tired of spam?

Choose between two captcha options (Google ReCaptcha and PHP captcha) available on our plugin to tackle this problem.

Managing job applications would no longer feel like a daunting task

All the applications will be saved in the back-end of your site. Perform numerous actions on the job applications that you have received. We have listed out the actions you can perform below.

  • Shortlist candidates
  • Rate different job applications
  • Send interview invitation email to candidates with a single click
  • Create unlimited custom email templates
  • Option to get an email alert when a new application is submitted
  • Send a confirmation email to candidates when an application is submitted
  • Option to send rejection emails with a single click
  • Email candidates and keep a track of all the communication
  • Once the applicant is hired, mark him/her selected

Perform bulk actions

Our goal is to make things simple and easy for our users. You have been given the option to perform bulk actions across the board. The bulk actions you can perform under each section are as follows:

  1. Job categories: Delete all or some categories in one go, activate/deactivate all or some categories in one go
  2. Job Ads: Delete all or some job ads in one go, activate/deactivate all or some job ads in one go
  3. Job applications: Delete all or some job applications in one go
  4. Email templates: Delete all or some templates in one go
  5. Restore deleted job ads and applications with one click

Notes and activity Log

You’d be able to add notes and see if a particular job application was viewed or someone took any action on it. You also have the option to see which job ad was created by which user and if someone edited any job ad.

Our plugin is GDPR Compliant

Users can automatically delete job applications after a set number of days. Just go to settings and choose how many days you’d like to keep an application saved with you. The plugin will start counting the days from the day when an application was submitted. If you don’t wish to automatically delete any application, then choose never.

Impressive layout designs

Choose between two eye-catching layout designs.


A user-manual has been designed for the ease of our user-base. All the steps related to using this plugin like installation, setting up job listings page, posting job ads, adding and deleting categories, using email templates, viewing job applications and the use of shortcodes have been mentioned there.

Key features

  1. Easy installation and simple to use
  2. Add unlimited email templates
  3. GDPR Compliant
  4. HR role for the management of recruitment
  5. Notes and activity log
  6. Show email and name to the applicants of your own choice
  7. Redirect applicants to a different site when they click on the apply button
  8. Customize email notifications as per your need
  9. Shortlist, Reject, select, rate applicants
  10. Send interview invitations
  11. Activate/deactivate jobs (only active jobs will appear on the site)
  12. Amazing filters
  13. Job Ad expiry option
  14. Self-explanatory documentation and user-manual
  15. Unlimited job ads and applications
  16. Use our captcha to tackle the problem of spamming