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Hi we just add demo. Here it is http://bit.ly/1PwADlG

Eclipse or Android Studio?

Its Eclipse Engine.

Admob ads integrated?

Hi, you have AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ads, together with Chartboost and Applovin Ads.

Hi, I have question for any graphic is use .png file right?

Hi, yes we using .png images stored in atlases file. Here is an link to all graphic in game http://bit.ly/1Hvgk0N . You will need to change them, and save it in same file name.

Check front page for Artwork Images

What version of cocos2d-x?

Hi, Originally game was made in Cocos 2D-x v2.2.5, but update later on to Cocos 2D-x v2.2.6.

You will not need to do anything in Cocos 2D-x as the game is exported already to Eclipse Engine.

You will need to import project into Eclipse, change package name, advertising ID, name of game, and export to .apk file.

If you have any more question we are here.

You can introduction fb share ?? And you can chanse installs to android 2 or 3 to up ?? Or only android 4.4xxx ???

Hi, FB share ( separately button ) will come in next update. You still have share button/function, and if FB in install on your device and have all permit to post and share you are still able to share and post it to your wall.

Its recommended that you leave 4.4 or higher, so you will not have any issues with advertising networks.

Users can install from Android 2.3.3 and game will work, and also AD’s will be shown in game.

Any more question please let us now.

Ok, when is the next update ??? I am purchase for to up google play and for my is more importa that button, and helpme whit modifications because i am new in this, i have cero conocimient bot i see video tutorials and you helpme plis and will be purchase

Hi, Next update will be next week.

If you purchase now you will have downloaded button in you CodeCanyon dashboard, and all update that we made to game it will be available to you to download.

Like we said even now you have share button, and if you have FB on your device you still can share option to Social Networks.

We will make an announces on our game profile page as we gonna made an update.

If you have any more question let us know.

Is your next update will be compatible for android studio and Google analytics?

We will try to make both version of game. One for Eclipse Engine and one for Android Studio in future comming updates.

Thank you for feedback, we appreciate your opinion.

Please let me know when you update to android studio I’m thinking of buying is update your ready Thanks for your answer

We will. We will announced on game offer page under Update.

Thank you for your feedback.

which eclipse version do you use? can you give me link ? when will it available for android studio

plz give me your email support or website also

Hi, we use Eclipse Indigo, link for download: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27418096/where-can-i-download-eclipse-android-bundle just scroll down and you will see Windows, MAC, Lnux

You can send us mail on dulisagrujin@icloud.com

Hey, can i know how to disable google leaderboard check in?

How to disable the pop up to request google login? I dont want the pop up that request people to login their google store. Thanks

Hi, You need to leave empty space for Leaderboard and Google Play Id.

Leave empty space in:

string.xml <sting name= “app_id”> </string>

And for PTModelGeneralSetings.0.attributes.xml

<key>leaderboardId</key> <string></string>

<key>googlePlayId</key> <string< </string>

You can send us email here http://codecanyon.net/user/Dulisa1 under Email Dulisa1, and we will have your email where we will send you custom made code without Google Play login and without leaderboards, if you gonna have some difficulties leaving empty spaces in code.

I’ve got exception when run on simulator

06-20 09:17:48.672: E/AndroidRuntime(1232): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No config chosen 06-20 09:17:48.672: E/AndroidRuntime(1232): at android.opengl.GLSurfaceView$BaseConfigChooser.chooseConfig(GLSurfaceView.java:874) ...

How to resolve this error?


Ok, I can run on device but simulator not work.

You will need to have SDK 21 to be able to run the game into simulator. But it will be very slow as game using a lot of RAM, so best solution is to complie game into .apk and try it on your actual device.

If you gonna have any more question let us now how we can help. We are busy now, and we will make sure to answer on all of your question.

Tell me please : where can i find google play librairy ?

GooglePlayLibrary is already included in project. When you importing source code you should see it in Import Windows ( project file together with google-play-library ).

If you have extract with newer .7zip you chapels see it when you importing your project.

If you still have issues let us now to help you.

When you extract project it should be in android/libs/google-play-services_lib

ios version?

We will work on it to publish it here.

Good job sir, Pre-purshase question : does this code source have the latest google play services lib or any decent lib that matches the latest google admob update ?

Hi there,
Our code still not have latest libpng lib, but will be fixed before given deadline from Google..

the previous apps using a version of libpng containing a security vulnerability do u correct that ?

Please download latest version of game.

hi i need installation services also i can buy all the games you have

Please send us message trough our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 and we will reply tomorrow, as now si quite late where we are based.

Is it for Android Studio ?

Game is primarily made for Eclipse but it can be imported into Android Studio.
Made all change first in Eclipse and after import into Android Studio for compiling to .apk file.