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This is code for a game called “Smash Ball” there is no code for “Rush UP!” in the download.

Envato mistake again write me on my email: todorov.vg@gmail.com. I will tell Envato to update the files.

Hello Viktor, i want the code with only admob banner enabled. can you please provide me that?


I can provide every feature you want, but it is considered a custom work and its cost is determined by our hourly rate.

ok. what about without any of the ads enabled?

It is explained in the documentation how to remove ads. You need to set the constant value to .NoInterstitial.

how can i change the background to an image instead of just a colour?

You should add a new sprite with an the image you want to the scene.

Can you help me add iAd banner in the Menu/GameOver screen?

Please send me an email to axelsyrex@gmail.com and I will give you a quote for adding iAd banner.

The position of iAds is not shown in the previews. Where does these show. And will iAd banner on Menu / GameOver screen be included in the purchase or is that purchased after?

This is an iAd interstitial and it is shown when you start the gameplay scene. I can add iAd banner for you, but that is a custom freelancer work. Contact me at axelsyrex@gmail.com and I will give you a quote.

I need to change the RGB background to an image background

Can you help ?


Hi, You need to create new sprite with the image and then add it to the main node.

The ads & Game center is not working at all !! When I click on the Leaderboard it shows me ” Game Center Unavailable”

Also none of the ads shown at all

Currently you can have only 1 interstitial. If you want more you will need custom work by me, or implement it by yourself.

ok , I need both Chartboost & Amob , can you do that for me ?


Please contact me at axelsyrex@gmail.com .

Hi ,

my app is rejected for this reason :

When we select the No Ads option, your app displays an alert that states “in app purchases comming soon”. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

Your app does not initiate the In App Purchase process.


This means that you have not setup your in app purchase correctly.

I did , and I follow the documentation and I changed kInAppPurchaseID to my own ID

is there anything else I have to do ?

Check if the in app purchase matches your bundle identifier. I do not know what you did wrong, because there are plenty of settings that you could misconfigured. Please check Apple official documentation for making in app purchases or some other third party tutorial.

I’m using Chartboost and Revmob in this game but no ads are showing up I put the the app id’s and app signature’s in correct. I think it might be ad frequency but I don’t know how to edit that.

Ok I just saw a ad from Chartboost but not from Revmob. How do I make them show up more often. Thanks :)

You can read the documentation. In the ads section you can check how to increase the frequency.

Is it fairly simple to reskin this app? I have a small character I would like to use in place of the ball and platform in place of the white pillars as well as an image background that looks infinite rather than the colored background. Is all this possible before I buy?

It is very easy to reskin the app. There is a documentation that explains it very well.

I just bought this template and I want more features added on

Of course more features can be added. Please contact me at axelsyrex@gmail.com .

I contacted you by email a while back about this template.

I’m trying to implement iAds into this but theres no ViewController.h and ViewController.m Where are they?

There is no ViewController.m, because the game is made using cocos2d. To get the controller you can use [(AppController*) [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate] navController]

I have some errors. Can you please contact asap

hey @vikt0r40 i puchased the game but no xcode file found in it please provide it asap