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Many missing assets (hand, sounds etc…) won’t run from supplied build. Need these assets for test run and sizing etc..

I will upload it again with all assets. thanks for the feedback.

couple of sounds and the hand icon were missing. I have uploaded it again with all the assets, it will be available soon.

Thank you

If Anyone wants a complete reskin of the game, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my Email.

Thank you.

Hi there,

can you add IADs instead of admob banners in your template?

I’d like to buy it, but I can not use admob.

Please send me an Email of your demand, and I will let you know about details on email.


When you update, please send me a reply, i will buy it too…

I have updated it, i guess the website is taking some time to publish the update. But I will surely Inform you. Or if you buy you can send me your email ID, i will send you the complete resource file there.

Updated version is available now… If you have any issue with it you can email me directly.

Yea it has and error looking for a backgroundSound.mp3 file….for some reason its also looking for it on my desktop? really ? common…did you even test this game yourself?

Download the updated version. it is available now.

Another Update on the way, will be available within 1-2 days. when approved.

Ads (Revmob, AdMob, Kamcord & chartboost) are not working. All Project Configurations in ThirdpartyConfig.h are enable (using 1). Can you check?

Yes I just checked, they are working fine.

i’m still having problems with the handIcon it says its located on my desktop, so when i do put the handicap file in the desktop it still doesn’t work i even tried putting it in the resources i can’t run the game.

Nvm it works when i put it on my desktop.

I updated it few days back, and it is working fine(i never received any complains after that). I copied everything properly and tested it. Did you download the updated version ? please download the updated version.

I purchased Panic Rush yesterday, and I have a bug in the screen resizing when the player dies. I wanted to check out my comment on the listing. But now the listing is removed. Where do I get help then ?

I can help you on email maybe , if thats fine ?

you can mail me if you can. Don’t know if you can see it ?

I send you message with my email.

I saw in code many calls to interstitial ads (chartboost, adcolony, etc) but in simulator there isn’t this ads. How can I activate this ads? Thanks

They are also working. Should appear after 3 deaths. when game is installed. Enable Test mode !

Hi, Can I change this to appear after every death? thanks

Yes you can.

I saw In-App Purchase (remove ads) code, How can I activate feature? I need to pay some extra bucks? Thanks

The feature is not implemented, you cannot activate it unless you code the functionalities and all.

Hi Seller, a few questions regarding this code:

1) What is the app size and what is the file size? I know that Cocos2Dx file can be at least 100 plus mb due to it engine.

2) How many images is in this app and how many images need to change?

3) Is it ready for coming iOS 9 and Xcode 7?

4) Is it a universal app? Meaning all iPad and iPhone can play it?

5) You integrated so many ads network. Can you tell me how all of your ad work? When it will each of the ad network show?

6) Will the game speed up progressively when I reach higher level or there is only 1 speed throughout the whole game? Is there any level at all?

Thank you.

This app can intergrate with fyber network and can you do it?


This app can`t intergrate with fyber?

I will not be able to do that for I am busy with some other projects these days. sorry

I have test on Xcode 7 and IOS9 it can run but get some crash any update for IOS9 ?

Not for 9 yet.

Hi.. there missing file ERROR: Can’t find /Users/admin/Desktop/handIcon.png

I am using normal font and the app can see it But the problem is the letters appear disconnected Looks its aproblem in cocos2dx

Looks I need to add it on plist Will do it when back to home Thanks

Hi sir, i like your game please answer me 1- is there an interstitial Ads ?? 2- can i stop the rotation of the falling rocks?? thank you :)

Yes you can stop the rotation, but will require code changes. Chartboost Interstitial ads are also in the game.

ok thank you, tel me where i should do the changes to stop roation.

Hello.. how are you boss . exuse me I have a problem with the code that we have got from you ..all things are working good but I have a problem with the interstitiel ads of the admob doesn’t want to Appear on mackbook and on my smart phone too .. this is the only problem that we have we tried to solve it for 3 days but we could not . for the banner it’s work good but for the interstitiel admob doesn’t wanna appear . so I ask for your help please.. thank you boss .. I’m waiting for your solution ..

Please help me bro. The game is not launching. I have sent you a personal message from your profile page. Pls help.

I will check


Pls respond, its been 5 days.



Hi, how to fix this error

Call to unavailable function ‘system’: not available on iOS