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Hi, I have new question. Where I have to change if I want to increase the star ?

Hi thanks for the game! It’s amazing! I’m in a hurry to publish it. But I am having error. Would you be kind to guide me how to fix it please? The error is

case expressions must be constant expressions Main.java /Strunman/src/com/oldenweb/RunningMan line 540 Java Problem

Thanks in advance!

is there anyone to support?

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

hi, for any graphic is use .png file right?

almost, but buttons in main menu and the sky on the background are as .xml files in drawable folder

I get many errors when running this code for the first time, Please help C:\Users\User\Downloads\codecanyon-11125883-running-man-with-admob-and-leaderboard\RunningMan\baseGameUtils\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.google.android.gms\play-services-base\8.4.0\res\drawable\common_google_signin_btn_icon_light.xml

It says all of these are not found under drawable folder? I did not edit the code at all

please let me know

I have that installed as well, but it just keeps giving errors that png files cannot be open, I can show it to you on skype if you add me at: ajtechsquad@hotmail.com

did you clear the project and rebuild them?

still no solution, you need to see it so you can better understand the error i am talking about

I can edit it with all your games android studio?

This project is for Android Studio

Hi, does the game work on android studio? and can I reskin it easily ?

how can I import this to android studio?

hi i just purchased this game it is working fine but i don t know why admob banner ads are not showing in both test device and real one i also want to know where i can change how many times Interstitial ads are displaying Thanks

error :Error:Some file crunching failed, see logs for details

please let me know