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In demo i only can test user deshboard, could you send me link demo of admin for testing? thanks

Hi there, didn’t understand the query, it shows admin dashboard also. Please clarify. Thanks.

Hi. Do you plan adaptation for multi-language?

Hello pelletierkarlpda. I am afraid not.

Hi is this multi user ?

Hi, no it is single user.

Very Good software. I am still accessing your software in order to see whether your software can be used for the accounting of a Real Estate (Land Development) Management company so as to make a purchase decision. Please, how can I access the full demo?
Also, does your software have the following features?
1. entering double or more entries that are balanced. 2. To setup transaction types (such as Payment Receipt, Bookings, Installment payments) and setup or pre-determine the accounts that entries will go to for the transaction types?

Thank you for your response. But, does your software have the features I asked in items #1 and #2?

Please, also allow all the functions in the demo so that I can properly access your software

Send me a mail with your email address from my profile page. Thanks.


I want to purchase your item but I just wan to ask something to make sure. My sister runs a bookkeeping company with a few clients for now. Can this be use for Bookkeeping services?

Thank you so much!

Hi there, yes it can but in a very limited scale, and for service startup companies. And it is designed for single use. Thanks

Hi, thanks for confirming. But can it handle 100 – 200 clients?

Hi, Demo is not working. Please could you check. Thanks.

demo not working

Can I have a VAT report that will show me what VAT shall I have to pay or reclaim in a specific period of time?

I am looking for a system where customers can login as well and see their own account

Demo is not working. Please send a i new link. Thanks

Need better instructions. Not bad overall.

Is a multi-user (SaaS) solution?

Demo is not working

demo not working

demo not working

Demo not working