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Hi again

Finally I get my APK but when I open the game from my device (moto g) the letters and score it placed to the left of the window. I let you two screens

http://imageshack.com/a/img924/5125/FfB3v5.png http://imageshack.com/a/img922/222/3OvYX4.png

How can I fix this?

Thank you :)

perfect :) and what did you change from the code? very strange. can you email me the .APK file to see if it happens for me as well? (melvin@neurondigital.com)

also, did you try the demo? does the problem occur there for you?

I put 12 frames on stickman frames, so the line to create the Sprite object by default has 3,3 (items and something more, now is 12 and 12), I’ll try with 3,3

Also I tried the app on other devices and it’s only on my device :S, the demo works fine.

Now I send you my APK


Just got back to your email :)

Could you do the reskin?

Hi, I don’t currently offer reskins. The package includes a narrated tutorial video which will guide you through a customisation if you like to perform it yourself. Get back to me if you need more info :)

https://d.top4top.net/p_629k3afs1.png bro i download the app and i didnt find the licsence bro need help

I cant get android in my project properties in eclipse, maybe because android sdk has stopped supporting eclipse, how can i add the Facebook library then? And build the app! Please provide with a solution.

I cannot see that you purchased the template. Please send me your purchase license code by email (melvin@neurondigital.com) for support.