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Thanks great app

try the game in your device or install genymotion :)

OK , no problem on the device. why eclipse is giving error

which error ? it works well here try to update your sdk

Doesnt have leaderboard in demo version ?

yes there’s a leadeaboard in demo version but dosnt work cuz i didnt put the right IDs :) but when u place ur IDs it works well

hello i recently bought the app but it didnt work in 2 virtuals machine please support me

when i tetsted it in my phone it works but virtuals machine no..

yes it works well, and dont work in some vm the problem is from the Vm but all ur players have a real device :)

Hi I want to buy game. I tested it. But there are some problems. Sharing and leaderbord not working. Sometimes touch isnot working

Hello, i guess you didn’t confirm your app in the google play developer platform :)

I added leaderboard succesfully in the end :) but I want to ask leaderboard how add our score ? example I get 24 gold. But leaderboard has 10.234.

the score of the leaderboard is based on the distance not coins

Great work. GLWS

If you add Achievements and leaderboard for games played and sound i buy it fast

leaderboard, it’s already added to the game

two different leaderbords for “games played” and “highscores”?


How to set leaderboard ? it is described in doc file ?

yes :) just put your app id and leaderboard id too easy

can you explain me more how to change photos not icons you didnt explain in the documents.. please if you can reply here or email me ..

images of the games is stored in > Assets > data > Atlases > atlas_ID101.png file this is mentioned in the documentation :)

so i need to change in this image or how ? if iwant to change the cat with an other thing i need to delete it from this image and change it with the same size ?

yes :) change it with your own images, or contact a designer to do that for you.

what is app id and how to get/find the app id?

Hi, in your google play developer account :)

can you share screenshot where its is actualy?

very bad support Im waiting more weeks.

i just sent you an email :) i’m so sorry.

Possible to update to Android Studio?

hi, for any graphic is use .png file right?

hello mr , the game have Vulnerability in Libpng library and google play reject it

Great!!! GLWS!