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good work, all the best for your sales ! ;)

thank you mate!

Amazing game, will definetly be purchasing soon

Hi, we are glad to buy your nice and very interesting game, run-into-death. we want to use this game on our server and want to show the players a scoreboard with highest scores. so we want to send the score when the game ends. serverside code and ajax call is ready to use. we’ve already read the javascript code and tried to fix it but we were not able to find that part (when and where highscore is available) so we need your support to explain us where and when to send the score.


Are you using Construct 2 to make changes? It is highly recommended by Scirra to only make changes within the .capx. Here is a documentation for a plugin integration: https://www.scirra.com/manual/15/sdk

In Construct 2 you can find in the Event Sheet “Configuration” on line 43 the if statement for saving the new highscore which looks like this: (OldRecord<LevelScore)

However, if you want the unminified HTML version to make changes because you don’t use Construct 2, I can provide you a link.

Hi, I build the game with cocoon.io and it´s not look good on my samsung galaxy s3. On Samsung galaxy tab is look good but not on small devices. See link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6_DdtaN81o8d1ZNalF5SzZkS0E

Hi, thanks for buying. Just the Startscreen?

yes just the start screen but some one will show me the fix tomorrow and I wil post it here

Ok cool, thanks for sharing this with us!

how to convert it to apk?

There is an instruction file in the package. You can find many easy to follow tutorials on scirra.com. For example with admob: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/4848/how-to-get-admob-official-plugin-working-on-android-crosswalk/page-1

Hi, I’m interesting in Zombie Shooter game,

Once purchase, is it possible to modify to have more function like automatic firing once shooting 50 zombie in 30 sec?

and can we change character from zombie to another like POTATO head? or aliens

do you also charge for customization?

thank you


yes, automatic shooting should be no problem. You can change as you want, no problem.

Customization is possible. I charge $18 per hour.