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Custom posts are not appearing in rules page. Can you let me know how can i apply filters on custom posts. Thanks


Custom posts are not implemented, they are under development. You can get it by this weekend.

Thanks RulesEngine

Hi, Any updates on custom post work ?


This feature is taking more time than expected. I will give you an update.

Thanks RulesEngine

Hi, I want to add users manually and then give password protect the entire website so that only those users with their own log in can access the site. Can your plugin do it? I hope I’m making sense. Thanks.


Yes, you can do it.

Thanks RulesEngine

Could you please tell me when would you have the update available for the mass IP list.

Thank you so much for the update!

Could you please rate my plugin.

Already have, five stars!!!!

Hi, before I purchase I want to be sure this plugin will do what I want.

I have a WordPress site that has several hundred posts. Some of the posts need to be hidden from users from specific countries, for legal reasons. In some cases there is more than one country that I need to restrict. Some posts can be displayed to users worldwide.

The data I use to create the posts (updated weekly via an XML file) contains the restricted countries list using the 2-character standard country code. Occasionally a post might be updated to add or remove a restricted country.

None of the sites users will be logged in, they are all anonymous.

Is this plugin capable of doing this?

Also, is there any chance I can see the documentation before I purchase, to make sure that I can integrate it with my XML update process?



Using this plugin you can hide the posts from specific countries. As mentioned by you. Below requirement is possible.

Some of the posts need to be hidden from users from specific countries, for legal reasons. In some cases there is more than one country that I need to restrict. Some posts can be displayed to users worldwide.

But w.r.to XML update process. Code has the documentation. I think it’s better I do the implementation the XML part in my plugin. Since it’s a customization I will do charge for this. If you are interested, Please contact me via email (rules4wp@gmail.com) with your xml.

Thanks RulesEngine

your should add menu items :) (“visible when rule”)

yes, I will do it, but will take some time.

Hi. Can I also delete/ create user roles?

Hi Pete,

You cannot create or delete user role. Using this plugin can control the wordpress the way you want. Like hiding pages, posts, widgets, categories or redirection using user role.

Thanks RulesEngine

Hi there,

Is it possible to use country, city, zip in content. For an example “Save 20% in New York”

Cheers, Mel

Yes, you can use.

Thanks RulesEngine

Could you please tell me how?

Follow below steps.

1.Create a Logical Rule with New York City. 2.Create Page rule with Append Content to Page. 3.In the content body enter “Save 20% in New York”. 4.Select the page where you want this “Save 20% in New York” to be displayed. 5.Select location where you want to display. If the location is somewhere in the page page. Then Select Generate ShortCode. 6.Copy the Generated Shortcode and add in your desired location.

Thanks RulesEngine


I’ve created a mobile device for both MOBILE and SMARTPHONE logical rule to redirect to the mobile version.

no matter what I do it won’t work…

I keep getting this page when I test it on my phone:

“We’re having trouble displaying this page – refresh or try again later”.

The only way to make that disappear is to deactivate the rules4WP plugin completely.



I will check and get back to you very soon.

Thanks RulesEngine

Does this plugin support Buddypress friends privacy? For example, I’d like to be able to have a field added to posts (via ACF) that is a checkbox denoting whether a post is public or for friends-only. Can RulesEngine provide that kind of privacy, and if not, are there plans to incorporate and allow that?

It will be most likely to be available in September.

Awesome…thank you! I will make sure to keep an eye out for that!

I need a small help. Could you please list your requirements and send to my email – rules4wp@gmail.com


ozrenn Purchased

hi.. question

8 months ago somebody asked: “is it possible to display a banner(image) on a specific page depends on user IP? For example US visitor will display bannerA and UK user will display bannerB.”

your answer was: “Right now it’s not possible. I can add this to my task list.”

so I’m wondering if this was implemented.. as that is exactly what I need



You should define the rule using country and page. Not just country.

Thanks RulesEngine


ozrenn Purchased

aha.. yes, that makes sense

so I added “and” “page title” “is equal to” “xxx” and it’s still not working I had some partial success with using “is not equal” in stead “is equal” ...it jumped to the new page but then it got in the loop again

any ideas?

Could you please come for chat on skype, skype Id rules4wp. Lets close now.

Since i cant go back and add a comment to the rating. I will leave a comment here. I recommend this plugin! Feature availability and customer support is the best! Customer support goes above and beyond to help you! Responds to email and makes sure the problem is fixed. Recommend! A++

Thank you very much

I am looking for a plugin that will not just restrict access to a page a certain group but mainly to display a custom message on that page when they come to it and are either logged out or not in that group. Does this plugin do that or do oyu have one that does?

Thanks I’ll check it out!

Hello, I just installed your plugin and when I go to the page widget rules (it also happen for post rules etc..) the “Select logical rules is unavailable even with all my plugins deactivated and with twenty sixteen theme. See printscreen https://snag.gy/buUNks.jpg

If I want to hide a widget everywhere except in Québec, my logical rules is geo location, state or region, “IS NOT EQUAL to Québec

And on the widget rules page in “select action” i choose the option “hide widget”

Is it ok? If I want to do the opposite to see if it works, i put “IS EQUAL” ?

Because one way or the other, my widget still visible…


Rules is correct, clear browser cache and check. Please send a mail to me. I prefer mail.

Thanks RulesEngine

ok i’ll send you an email.

Hi there,

Getting an error on the site

wp-content/plugins/rulesengine/rules-engine-index.php on line 55

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/home/xxx/public_html/xxx/wp-content/plugins/rulesengine/util/bis-cache-wrapper.php’

I have reinstall the plugin twice, 2 or 3 days after I get the error.

Looks like getting hacked!

Cheers, Mel


Could you try with latest version of the plugin. I could see the file in the plugins util folder and it’s path is correct.

Thanks RulesEngine

Hi there,

Plugin is up to date.

Got hacked again, wp-content/plugins/rules/util/bis-cache-wrapper.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’)

wp-content/plugins/rules/rules-engine-index.php on line 55

Warning: require_once(/xxx/xxx/public_html/2016/xxx.com/wp-content/plugins/rules/util/bis-cache-wrapper.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx.com/wp-content/plugins/rules/rules-engine-index.php on line 55

Cheers, Mel

Hi there,

We cannot block countries anymore, it doesn’t work.

Cheers, Suresh

Hi Suresh,

I am available on skype, my skype Id rules4wp. Could you please show me the issue. It should work.

Please ping me when you are online.

Thanks RulesEngine

Hi RulesEngine,

Sorry, the issue was at my end! The plugin is flawless!

Cheers, Mel

Thanks Suresh.

This plugin still does not have any custom post type functionality right? I want to be able to hide some of my posts (posts not content) based on the IP between usa and canada – but my posts are custom post types

Yes, I am going to add in a month. Thanks RulesEngine

Pre-sale questions:

1. Does the plugin work for custom post types yet? I read previous questions about this and your response was it’s coming soon but I’m not sure if it has been implemented yet.

2. Does the plugin work on multisite installations?

Look forward to your response.


wstwd Purchased

Pre-sale question: when will Language Rules be implemented, please? Many thanks.


Language rules is not part of this plugin. It will take atleast one or two to implement. You can buy language controller from below link.


Thanks RulesEngine

Can you make an admin available to test plugin options?

With your demo it is impossible to know if the plugin meets my needs!


Please send me your requirements, If matches you can buy. Else I will add to my backlog for future development.

Thanks RulesEngine

I need a plugin to hide posts for certain states(regions).

This is the project: www.maluquices.com.br

I have 1 category for each state! I need to hide all posts from 1 category if the visitor is not from a certain state.

Example: Post “Teste” should only appear for visitors from the state of Santa Catarina – Brazil but if you directly access the address: http://maluquices.com.br/index.php/2017/01/07/teste it should appear normally. Can I do this?

Basically I need to hide posts by category, according to geolocation!

HI Rafael,

You can hide the Posts based on the Geolocation but Soft Hide feature is only implemented for Page Rules. If you buy my plugin I can implement the same for Post Rules.

Thanks RulesEngine


I’m interested in one of your plugins, but I have several questions before I buy.

I need to redirect my users based on the country and the language, from the homepage of a web to the home page of another website. And also with categories and pages.

Then I do not know which of your plugins is best for this. If “Country and Mobile Redirect for WordPress – Professional Edition” or “RulesEngine – WordPress Access and Content Controller”.

Which of these plugins advises me ?, Which is better? What are their differences? Which one is the most complete?

I would also like to know if the rules are executed from the .htaccess file?

Thank you.

All your requirements will be fulfilled with Country and Mobile Redirect for WordPress – Professional Edition, this has more features like redirect popup, you can defines rule and redirect at once place, mulitsite support and cache plugins support.

No need to change the .htaccess file Please let me know if you need more info. Ping me on my skype id : rules4wp, if required.

Thanks RulesEngine