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hello, is your plugin compatible with hide my wp ? regards and stay high….

Sorry, I could not get your question clearly. Please add more details.

HI, is working correct with caching plugins – like Hypercache, W3C?


No, The advance version is under development which works with Caching plugins.

Thanks RulesEngine

can this plugin automatically change post type with rules ?

So maybe this is dumb but if I grab a mobile theme on here how do I have 2 themes active at the same time so your product can switch mobile users to the other theme. Question 2 is can I just use this to redirect the landing page for mobile to one that is specifically made for mobile? Load a menu that’s just for mobile so the menu my mobile users will take them to a separate set of pages styled for mobile specifically?

Yes, No two themes are activated. But a new theme set automatically using the plugin rules. Using Page Rules you can configure the menus specific to mobile.

I have a few pre-sale questions.

1. I see this and your other similar plugins haven’t been updated in over a year. Are these still under active development?

2. Also, can I use this with a cache plugin active?

3. Can I use this version of your plugin on WP Multisite?

Thanks for replying so quickly, however, I’m a little confused by your answer. Does the current version of this plugin work with WP Multisite?

I ask because I want it for a project that will go live this coming week. I can’t wait for the new upcoming version to have Multisite compatibility.

This plugin does not work for multisite. If you want new plugin. Please mail me I will provide demo credentials, you can check it live.

I’m interested. How do I mail you?

PreSales Question : Ι want to hide/block/redirect a category from all the countries except one (For example I want one category block for all countries except Greece ) Can i do that ? And the second question The plugin uses a db file for ip locations ? and if yes its free for all countries ?

Hi Johoo,

Yes you can do it, as mentioned in earlier comments the most advanced verion of this plugin is under testing, if you can wait for a couple of weeks, then you will get an advanced version of this plugin with RulesEngine platform and most advanced features.

Which Includes addons of

1.Page Controller. 2.Post Controller 3.Category Controller 4.Widget Controller 5.Redirect Controller 6.Theme Controller 7.Woo Product Controler 8.Google Analytics Supports

If you are looking for only redirect I you can download the redirect professional edition plugin of mine, it is also based on RulesEngine Platform.

To know more please check www.rulesengine.in site.


The advanced plugin supports DB files (Maxmind and IPLocation geolocation API) and webservices also. You can configure anything, These feature are now exists in Redirect Plugin mentioned above.

It is a very useful and most advance plugin.

Thanks RulesEngine

Thanks for the reply I will wait couple of weeks to buy the new version … I Worked with maxmind dat files very well with the iQ Block Country free addon but yours has more options …waiting for your new develop :)

Here we go with demo of our latest Mega Platform: Please do a test drive.


Is it possible to limit the access time for a guest user? so that he can access the content for a limited time and can not access it again (30s or 1min for example). Can this be achieved? maybe intervening the plugin ?.

Yes, it is possible. If your requirement is not so urgent, Please wait for 2 weeks, We are coming with a new version with tons of new features.

You can have a test of these plugin from here.


Cool, thanks!!

Will this plugin allow us to restrict editing to a certain user role? I am looking for a plugin that we can use to specify which pages various users can edit. IE: A contributor may have access to a variety of posts and one page about their subject matter, whereas another contributor would have access to two pages about a topic, and ability to publish new posts and edit one or two old posts. Will your plugin do that?

You can define a redirect on the page. This will restrict the use or hide page for a specific user role.


1/ Can I redirect to a wordpress page depending on the role and the number of connections ?

EX: role1 and 1st connection -> page1

role2 and 1st connection (with role 2) -> page 2

2/ using any plugin connection or connection with a theme using wp-login ?


ok I got it.

and it works with?

Yes it works.