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hey, this theme doesn’t support ssl yet? :/

Dear SilkSuite, unfortunately for now not, but very soon (2-3 days) we will release the update with the ability to use the script with SSL.

Maybe its my browser but check the theme, it doesn’t open a new file to view after you closed the first file. It keeps opening the same file even when first file is closed. I tested with the latest Chrome.

Dear yamon, we know it, it is a problem that we will resolve within a few days.

Script very nice! GOOD LUCK

Dear mgen93, thank you very much.

Please make a simple admin dashboard, this is my only request :)

Dear Nidigo, thanks for the suggestion. Excuse us if we ask, but we hope in your vote. Just go to this page:

Hey themedema, would you guys make a theme such as this.

Vertical grid & full withd.

Dear jascin, nice idea, thanks. We’ll let you know if we will achieve it.

Igonore the comment I was not alerted of any updates my bad

Hey ThemeDema i need some help installing the new theme any help will be nice i have uploaded the theme into the themes folder and extracted the files and selected the them in tequila as rufus but i load any pages i just get a red bar that says folder dose not exist.

Dear cade1515, if you send us your information by e-mail we will install for free the script on your server.

Rufus is amazing. I love everything about it. But how do you change the background picture. I just don’t like the veg and stuff on it. Thanks

I got it!!!! Omg I’m so excited its soooo sexy

Okay I must ask how do you change the name on the tab on the web browser? says Rufus I user name. Thanks.

Dear Sevenlions, thank you very much and sorry for the delay! If you want to change the title, just go to change the ”<title>” tag on each page in the theme folder.

...can’t install it. Instructions are not clear.

“After, just copy the folder of Rufus in the “themes/” folder and change the settings of the script from the admin panel.”

Copied the files – went to admin. Tried to change the theme “Set the theme” from default. Just nothing – gives an error. There is nothing else to change there.

It would be great to have more than just one sentence on how to install this. Please help, thanks!

Dear berniecla, sometimes the administration panel can give problems. Until we solve them permanently, you can change the settings by going to “include/php/constants.php” with a text editor. See you soon.

under what folder we shuld upload it to themes, like themes/rufus/ or what? I cant get it work. Im using SSL

Got it work but sharing link is not generated correctly, its in format:

”//” instad of starting with https

Also admin panel wont save and i cant find way to password protect files anymore

Dear Legit, if you contact us by email with the information of your server we will solve these small bugs on your server for free.

Simple and awesome

Code is very outdated and subjected to injection base attacks. Need to update PHP to use PDO.