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I am using a BootStrap 3.0 theme. Want to display on the form- just


Then “share” YES, NO, or Undecided on to Twitter and or Facebook.

welcome, thank yout so much to purchased this item. yes sure the form can be implement with bootstap theme. if you need to ask me, feel free to contact me, enjoy :)

Is it responsive?
can I modify the fields?
How the mail works? Is it phpMail or SMTP?

not yet, but i want to increase this item to be a responsive, and i will update this item soon yes sure you can modify this fields according to your needs the mail works with simple phpmail :)

great style , very useful ! Good job :)

Hello, thank you so much dude :) maybe i will give some improvement for this item, and i will update it as soon as posible, enjoy! :)

Congrats om , GWLS :D

makasiiii bosss… sukses juga yaaaa :D

Pre-Order Question,

1. Do you have screenshot of admin panel (if any), or the RSVP admin email view? 2. Its using database view for attendee or RSVP admin collect it manually from email?

Thanks, Good Job

Sukses selalu ndan :)

Hello :)

temporarily, this item without admin panel, this is use phpmail. for next update i will give admin panel, and database view and it’s still on progress works :)

thank You so much dude :)

sukses juga masbro :))

Hello i really like your form is this just php form? is it possible to add captcha to it (like reCAPTCHA )?

hello!! thank you for your comment, yes it’s possible to add captcha :)


Can I have only the Attending / Not Attending options with the submit bottom without having to enter any other information? Please advise


can you give me your email? so i can guide you more detail how to edit this script.

thank you :)

check your email dude

I just want the html css and javascritp, because I want to use the form in a simple MVC app. Is this possible?

definitely yes! :)