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look fwd to the demo.

Demo page is up.


May I suggest a mail all option within the admin area.

Thank you for your suggestion

Can you replace the textboxes with text areas? thinking of using this for a survey Im creating. Like that it can store all the results in one place. Survey will be about 6 questions or so, all text area.

please let me know.

Hi. to answer your question. the front form is a static form, meaning you can use any form you like, no matter it is textarea or input text box. RSVP Gen will convert any of your static form to a working RSVP form with a backend admin view panel.

Hi. Just purchased the script and it works great, just what I needed for a page i’m designing for a new client.

Good to hear that.

By the way, is there a way to display the View Panel on the same page as the RSVP form?

Hi, you can do so by putting your form inside file “rsvp/admin/index.php”, then follow the manual file to do the same as normal.


This looks like it could work for a project of mine. I have an events list and want to add the ability to have users signup for events. However, the events are sponsored by different organizations. can I add fields, hidden probably, to the app to identify the event? I may have 20 – 30 events and need to be able to map the rsvp’s to each one.

Should be easy enough but just wanted to check.




This should work for you.

RSVP does not concern how many fields or what design you have. It simply turn your static form into a working dynamic form with an admin panel. You can add as many as fields as you want.

How easy / difficult would it be to export the list of email addresses that register?

It should be very straightforward, simply run a sql statement to query all the email address registered.


Hi, This script looks good. I’m interested in buying it. Is it possible to export the information from the submitted forms as a .csv or .xls file?


Currently it does not have export function yet.

Looks good. Is it possible to send them to a page based on their response? So a page for “yes” and a page for “no”, or at least send them to a page once they do RSVP ?

Hi thanks.

RSVP is made to auto generate your existing html form to a dynamic RSVP form. And it provides the basic feature for the admin, which is to view the result.

For your case, you can consider integrate it with some other newsletter program.

Cheers. XD

demo not working

We had a upgrade of the server.

We will reupload the demo soon.

Thanks for notifying.

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Demo link has been fixed.

Cheers. XD

Hello. Thinking about purchasing this, but I have one question. Is it possible to add a feature that allows users to delete their sign up?


Currently there is no such feature and we do not see this as a common feature. However if you need, we can take this as a customization work.

Regards XD

Is there an export to .csv option?


No. currently there is no such built in function.

However you can do it directly from PHPmyAdmin.

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Hi, I am not sure how to set this up even after reading your manual, can you walk me through the process please? Thanks


Please sent us an email from our profile page with your server access.

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really think this would be perfect…would you be available for modifications? i can pay. i need to setup multiple events, with an export to csv.


Please send us an email via our profile with your request.

Cheers XD

Nice. Could I customize it with fields like Number of Guest, Guest names, etc.?


Yes, RSVP gen will automatically convert your form.

Regards Xu