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Hi there, I get the message that there are no valid plugins in the zip file when trying to install the plugin? Is there any way to remedy this. I am on Wordpress 4.4.1.

Thanks – Ian

Hello. The .zip archive (rsvp-wedding-invitation-plugin-package.zip) downloaded after purchase is not the installable plugin, but also contains the documentation. Please first unzip this, and you will find rsvp-wedding-invitation.zip which is the installable plugin. You will also find the plugin as unarchived folder if you prefer to install via ftp.

The documentation contains details about installation, setting up and plugin options. If you encounter any issues that are not answered in the documentation, please use our support forum at https://craftedpixels.net/support/ .

Can use plugin function in PHP file, because my theme I use it do not have Widget to add short code, I want to added direct to PHP file. Thanks

Hi. You have to add the shortcode on a page, not in a widget. So you can use the plugin without problems.

No I meant in wordpress theme file like in template.php, before I buy I need to know. thanks

That’s what I was trying to say, the plugin has nothing to do with widgets, you just write the shortcode [rsvp] in a page (just like you normally add content on a page in WordPress) and that’s it. There’s no need for hard-coding php in a template. You can use the plugin as it is.

If you still prefer the hard-coding way, you can use do_shortcode() function in your template.php file, something like this:

<?php if (shortcode_exists('rsvp')) { echo do_shortcode('[rsvp]'); } ?>

Hi, Your plugin seems like someone I could very well use and almost has everything I need it to do.

Had a few presale question I was hoping you could answer

1. Can I remove unwanted fields easily? 2. For those who choose says Yes or No to the rsvp, is there a way to load a video a soon as the submission is entered, depending on what they chose?, Like if they said no, I can load a video saying Sorry you couldn’t make it!... We’ll miss you…. The opposite if they say yes. (so a conditional rule would need to be in place before submission) 3. Can I sort and export the saved RSVP list to a csv file? Those who are coming and those who are not. 4. I need to be able to Create custom question, is this possible? 5. After the even is over, is there a way to setup something where I can say thank you for those who attended!.. So that the form is no longer there. 6. Instead of a radio box, can there be a dropdown box for the Yes and No response? 7. How can I make my own customized Envite?

Issues. 1. You documentation page doesn’t exist, the page link is broken

Hi, please find answer below:

For 1, 2, 4 and the last issue (buffet): These are customizations, they can be done but it will require php and html knowledge.

For 3: Sorting is an existent plugin feature. The guestlist can be sorted by any column of the table, ascending and descending order (see the screenshot with the dashboard guestlist table). However, the list cannot be exported. We will think about adding this feature in future updates.

For 5: This is also a customization that requires basic php, html knowledge. The simpler solution is to add a thank you message with the form’s successful sumbit message.

For 6: Checking the radio button for Yes makes additional fields appear. You can customize the plugin to display a drop down select (php knowledge required), but it’s enough work to not worth wasting the time.

For 7: The invite is a .phtml file that can be modified with basic html knowledge.

Okay, thank you for your speedy reply, Unfortunately this plugin is a bit premature (for me) and is not what I’m looking for (feature or function wise). I wish you the best in your sales. Thanks again!

No problem. Thanks!

I’m trying to remove some fields too… i don’t need the meals or phone number option. How does one go about that?

Hi. For support please use the support forum at https://craftedpixels.net/support/ . As stated, support is offered exclusively there. Thanks.

Hi there

I’m having a curious problem.

When the invitation email arrives the name of the sender always has the last letter of the SITE_NAME missing. Even after I change the site name in WordPress -> Settings, the last letter is always missing in the invitation email received.

How can I fix this?

Hi. For support please use the support forum at https://craftedpixels.net/support/ . As stated, support is offered exclusively there. Thanks.

Hi, I am trying to log a support request, but your website only allows queries from paid customers. I need you to contact me so I can give you the details of the customisation I require. Thanks

We answer presale questions here in the comment section (you can see other questions in some previous comments), there’s no need for creating account on our support forum.

Like I mentioned, customizations are not handled by the support team, they can only be made by the developers of the plugin and currently they do not offer customization services.

I prefer not to disclose my requirements, but its not a problem. I will support other provider who is prepared to help. Good luck!

Of course I understand that such information is confidential/private, and I would have redirected you to the developer’s email or you could have contacted directly through the contact form on the CraftedPixels profile on CodeCanyon. But customization services are not offered, and I would have wasted your time telling you to contact directly.

Hi there, would this plug-in enable customers to send invitations via e-mail from the event page?

Many thanks

Hi. Yes, invitations are send from the dashboard. You can see a screenshot of the invitation sending controls here: https://codecanyon.net/item/rsvp-and-wedding-invitation-wordpress-plugin/screenshots/4762690

Thanks for the prompt aswer, but I explained myself wrong… What I need is to allow my costumers to send the event invitation from the front-end (the event page).

Best regards

Customers can only rsvp. Only the admin/organizer sends invitations.

Does your system allow for individual set passwords? So say, I invite Steve with a card, and in the card it says to enter in the password “Squirrel”. He types in Squirrel in the RSVP page and he can set in his details there.


Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t provide this feature.

Can you set the number of guest allowed per user?

Can you import a list?

Hi! You can’t set the guest allowed and can’t import a list unfortunately. Those are features that are still in the works

Hello, I would like to buy this plugin. But is it normal that there are no updates? Does it still work?

Hi! Yes it still works and we’re actively supporting our customers through our support forum.

Is it possible to recover data in Excel from people who have confirmed for a marriage?

Hi! This is currently not possible

Hi, I’m sorry, just can’t seem to make it work… I managed to installed the plugin but then I created the new page and wrote “[RSVP]” on the text block and it doesn’t become a shortcode so I’m not able to select it from the shortcode options that the icon displays, is “[RSVP]” the only text I should be writing…or am I being naive to say the least? :/

Hi! Please refer to our support forum at https://craftedpixels.net/support/forums/

Hi, everytime I try to send the invitation I get this error “0 invites sent successfully. 1 errors.” Why…? What is wrong, I just can’t figure it out, I really need to solve this asap, please HELP! I’m kinda stressed by this time now… :/

Hi! Please refer to our support forum at https://craftedpixels.net/support/forums/

I just bought this plugin, your backend and controls are not worth the $15 I just paid. How is it not possible to a plus one to an invite?

Hi there, quick pre-sale question.

1. When I send an invite to a guest and they click on the link to go respond the RSVP on my site – Is it possible to have those fields already filled out with their details? (Since I sent the invitation from your system with their e-mail and information)

2. Is it possible to lock the event’s page to just show it to people that have been invited?

Thank you in advance for your response.

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